Monday, March 24, 2008

TokSee is Googlelicous!

TokSee - A Whole New Level of Web20 Social Technologies!"Imagine a Company that could harness the power of Facebook; MySpace; YouTube & Skype and become much bigger than all of them combined - Would you like a piece of that Company?""TokSee is the New Googlelicous Kid on the Block!"THE VERY BEST IN AUDIO, VIDEO, VOIP SERVICES, IM AND SOCIAL NETWORKS ALL ROLLED UP INTO ONE VISIONARY VIRAL IMPLICIT PRESUMER MODEL w/ SOCIAL MARKETING TOOLS BUILT IN!Communicate with Audio, Video, Cell phone and VoIP To ANYONE in the World! Communicate with friends in other social communities without having accounts in those communities.Official Launch is ApproachingNO SOFTWARE TO INSTALL! EASY TO USE! ALL WITHthe TokSee Communicator Widget & SOCIAL COMMUNITY!TokSee is a whole new level of web20 technology!TokSee is visionary new business and compensation model to its users. Get Paid to use the TokSee Free Social Community and Free IM Communicator Widget!Welcome To The TokSee Experience!Click to see the Future! so get in now!

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