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What Makes a Successful Home Business Entrepreneur?

This is something that many people ask me, daily.. in various forms. What EXACTLY does it take to be a successful home based business owner? How does one go about getting their home based travel business off to a quick start? How do I know that I can be as successful (or MORE successful) then all the "beautiful people" that are leading the field and experiencing massive personal and financial success in their home business?

What everyone is really asking, is WHAT do I need to do, be or have to find success in my fledgling P1D business?

Its a great question, and a very valid one for anyone to ask who is starting any kind of business.. be it a home based enterprise or not. After all, we all start business' to make money- so its appropriate to set oneself up for success before stepping up to the "start line" and diving into home based free enterprise!

I've been in business now with the Synergy Marketing Group for nearly 2 years. I started with zip, zero, ZILCH previous experience, and very few computer skills, I'm naturally shy and did have extremely low self esteem having been through a devastating series of events in my personal life. Look at me now, Ma! I'm one of the most successful people in Platinum One powered by the SMG, and so I know, absolutely without a shadow of a doubt that ANYONE can do this business.

Yes, I said anyone.. but I must qualify that. Anyone, with any previous experience, educational background, from any walk of life or any social or financial status can achieve success with a P1D business. This is truly an "equal opportunity" business, and quite literally ANYONE can get started (for as low as $148) and create a six figure income from home in year one. We know from looking at the backgrounds of the many successful home based P1D entrepreneurs, that there is no standard background.

But.. looking around from "inside" the fence, I know, absolutely that while peoples exterior backgrounds are radically different.. there are a few common factors that DO stand out, as "must have" qualities for success. These qualities can be cultivated, nurtured and expanded, for the most part.. but I have witnessed the difference that it makes having these natural inborn qualities present from Day 1, and seeing exactly how the people who are successful entrepreneurs and have SUSTAINED results usually unconsciously grow these inborn strengths and talents, and thus magnify results significantly, thus skyrocketing their success to the very top of this company. That is why..in this business, where there IS equal opportunity for success for even the "newbie" we see new names cropping up all of the time as "regular people" who acheive extraordinary results.

So then, this blog post is intended to help you, in our decision making process.. to determine not that a P1D business is the right business, but rather- IF you should be in ANY kind of business, as a self employed entrepreneur. There is a great deal of information available to help you decide if this is the business YOU are looking for. I won't even get into why this was my personal choice, and the only legitimate and sustainable home based travel business. You can read about those things, if you are interested in these blog archives. What I want to share with you here and now, are the "ingredients" that you will bring to the table as a vibrant human being with limitless potential.. that will, I believe- mean the difference between an average income in home based business and an extra-ordinary home based income.

Here are those intangible, human assets, that I believe separate the best home based business owners.. from EVERYONE ELSE!

(in no particular order)

A genuine love of people. Not someone who can "turn it on" and be charismatic and friendly for business functions/purposes only. I mean someone who genuinely LIKES people, likes listening to them, likes serving them, whats to help them make positive and healthy changes in their lives. This is the difference, I think.. between a "salesman" who makes the sales, and the entrepreneur who runs a sustainable and successful business for the LONG TERM. This is the person who gets referral business, and "upsells"- this entrepreneur is NOT there just "for the money" but genuinely cares for the people they for with and FOR. They FOLLOW UP and follow through.. and you don't hear anyone ever saying that they were not available for them.

A strong sense of ethics. As my dear Granny used to say.. your reputation is the ONE THING in this world you can't buy. A very wise lady, and I believe this to be absolutely correct! This is another way of saying, someone who will do the right thing, even if it IS NOT the popular thing. A successful entrepreneur has the critical thinking ability to not only see what is going on around him (or her!) in their chosen field.. but the ability to think independently, and not swim with the fishes if their ethics are compromised. No matter how much money is involved, a successful entrepreneur will have their reputation, their personal brand as an ethical and independent business owner to stand behind proudly.

Patience- a successful entrepreneur will DO the "boring" or "routine" tasks, like accounting or tracking and monitoring performance statistics. Sometimes its SO boring I can feel my hair growing.. but you bet I track, test and tweak all aspects of my business so that I can then use my creative, right brain to look for ways to improve. Which brings up another few qualities

Personal Drive for Improvement- Mama always said, you should put your best foot forward in all things and NEVER SETTLE. Truly great entrepreneurs are always looking to grow their businesses. They are not thinking about "oh, I just want to make a few sales so I can...." they are looking at their next goal, the one after that, after that.. they NEVER STOP growing their business, tweaking and taking it to the next level. When you start your P1D business, your first goal is going to be to get in, get trained and qualify. GREAT! Go DO IT!! But do not ever adopt the mediocre mindset of "well, if I just make 3 sales a month I can quit my job". You will get to that goal and STOP unless you decide to always be GROWING and improving.

A positive "can do" attitude. Look around, look in the SMG and look outside of it.. examine the lives of successful entrepreneurs. Read autobiographies... Notice.. almost every truly outrageously successful entrepreneur on the planet has overcome monstrous adversity, that would keep most "average" people stuck and defeated. I love Earl Nightingale, who said something to the effect that Attitude is the MOST important word in the world. IT IS! Attitude is EVERYTHING.. think about it.. other people, or that "little voice" in your own head that tells you its impossible because it hasn't been done before, or that YOU can't do it because your not (insert excuse here) is GARBAGE programming and junk thinking. Look at the EVIDENCE around you, and realize that you too, CAN do this! Henry Ford said if you think you CAN, you are right.. If you think you CAN'T you are right! So, would you rather be right and successful or right and a failure??? Success is a choice, and it starts with attitude.

Tenacity and Determination.. what others call "sheer grit". Yes, this industry is fabulously FUN, the training and support is bar none, the product is sterling. But darn it, we ALL have days where we just don't FEEL like it. DO IT ANYWAY! Do not let the big picture goal in your mind be diminished by any form of excuse. I mean NONE. I'm successful in my business because I worked at it, I did what I had to do, I stayed plugged in, and I never gave up... even when it DID seem impossible and it WAS hard. I'm on the other side of the fence now.. and I promise you, I would do it all again in a heartbeat because I love what I do, and because I would not be able to have the life I do now IF I WOULD HAVE QUIT! In anything worth having, there will be work involved. The hardest work in this business is working on yourself. I absolutely promise you that! But, it is entirely WORTH IT, because you can live a life that most people will NEVER DREAM OF! So dare to dream, and hold onto your vision even when you can't see the forest for the trees!

NEVER be afraid to tap in and ask for help! There will always be things in life that you don't know and understand.. if you need to learn them- DO IT! Just as you need to stay plugged into your business, you need to plug into the successful, like minded and hardworking people around you. ASK FOR HELP! You would be absolutely SHOCKED by how many people DO NOT reach out to their upline, their team members and fellow colleagues and ask for advice, tips and pointers.

They FOLLOW success. I had a team member say to me the other day, and it quite stuck me.. he said he "used to be ashamed of riding other people's coattails". Hang on, I answered.. that is SMART! Now, I spent enough time in the world of academia to violently abhor plagerism. I don't advocate that.. It is highly recommended that you follow what other successful people in your business and industry do. Try on different techniques and tips for size, and find what works BEST for YOU.. and then BUILDING upon it! My new favourite "janism" is DO NOT RE-INVENT the WHEEL.. but DO figure how HOW TO MAKE IT ROUNDER!!!

They take EDUCATED risks. Entrepreneurs, truly successful business owners ARE risk takers. They know the biggest rewards come with the biggest risks.. and that is why the overwhelming majority of successful people in this business will tell you.. they started out their business at the absolute HIGHEST level they could afford. They did not TRY it out, they COMMITTED to SUCCESS, and they absolutely knew that they were going to conquer success in their dream business, or perish. I realize that is a very strong statement.. but LOOK AROUND and see how many people at the very top were- LIKE ME- in dire financial straits and came in at the higher level.. because they KNEW that they would benefit much more quickly from the higher commissions, and were completely committed to success.

They treat their business LIKE a business. This is a serious business, with an unlimited earning potential! The defining factor, and the only limit upon your success is YOU. YOU will always be the ONLY thing in your way towards success! Newsflash.. if it is not already crystal clear.. as an entrepreneur, YOU are in charge, YOU make all the choices, and so YOU must THINK like a successful business owner. This means planning from DAY ONE for success, and structuring your business so that you will be able to achieve not only your financial goals but your LIFESTYLE goals. You will be a one man band.. so you have to be mindful of not boxing yourself into a corner. Write a business plan, for short, mid and long term.. have a picture and targets of where you want to go. You really HAVE TO KNOW where you are going, in order to get there.

Well, thats my advice for the day!

I hope this gives you some insight, and some food for thought as you begin your journey into the bountiful world of successful entrepreneurism!

Success to YOU, in home based business and BEYOND!

Jani Teeter
Platinum Executive Leader

Can you really run your own business from home?

The internet is a vast and unlimited sphere where beginners most of the time get lost. So let us start by providing you with the essential things which you have to know and not delving into the intricate topics, which you need to discover for yourself in the long run.

We may start by having an example that many people experience, one day you have decided to resell some of your stuffs over online auctions. But the problem is that you know little about internet marketing which in turn causes your stuffs to remain unsold for the longest imaginable time.

business online

You are not the only one who's clueless regarding this subject matter, but since it has been a growing segment of the web, the least thing that you need to do is to go with the flow and learn the secrets in effectively using the internet as your market. I would like to deviate from what the other people are so used in doing, which includes giving tips on how to do it, but rather I would provide you with the things which you shouldn't do for you to be successful in the field of internet marketing.

1. Don't be overly excited with the concept of internet marketing

Like many other endeavors in the real life, for you to feel successful you would first have to feel the waters instead of immediately jumping in without the knowledge o whether you know how to swim or not. Relating this to the sphere of internet marketing, it is really not necessary that you memorize every aspect of the business, but you would need to learn the basics for you to know how you would maneuver in the field.

Actually there are tons of available offers in the market but the catch is that you would need to have it undergo your checklist first before you engage in any of it. You must consider assessing its impact and means, it also follows in you considering the fact if it suits your personality or not, whether it would achieve the ends which you want to pursue and if it adheres to your set of work ethics.

2. Don't be attracted to the ebooks and courses that offer your knowledge to cover all the needed aspect regarding internet marketing.

You are a marketer not a buyer, so it is best that you first not shell out hard cash for this business. As you may be well aware of, a lot of people are always claiming knowledge in almost anything that they present incredible promises with only a speckle of disclaimers. Shun from these kinds of stress inducing matters and still be successful by doing things yourself.

Investigating the market is the best thing that you have to do, there are so many facts which you could take advantage of over the net, and sometimes you don't really need the new tricks for the conventional skills are still effective for the all-encompassing internet.

The things which are good for you

Regardless of the fact that you have exhausted all the means conceivable, all the books about marketing on a nearby library, interviewed several successful internet marketers, everything just boils down to your own strategy. You are the only one who has the capacity to control the faith of your products which you are reselling.

However, I am not implying that you need not listen to the advice of the experts, but it is just about familiarizing yourself which means are feasible for your status as a newbie together with your skills and knowledge about the internet.

Among the most tested advice are the following, utilization of no fee resources such as forums and article marketing. In the first one, it would just entail you to be patient in promoting your own products through forums. But since you are the only who has full information about your product, and then you would know how to market it accordingly.

The second one has lesser expenses but as soon as you get a hold of the means you would be able to acquire the confidence which would be beneficial for you in the long run. You may start doing this by making articles that allows direct links to the full description of your product.

Now that you aware of some of the basics, at most you should have realized that internet marketing is not about shelling out money but it is about using the internet for profit.

Learn more and download a FREE  chapter of a great book.

Easy Ways to Screen Medical Staff

Whether you are in the process of formulating a screening policy for your medical company, or already have a screening program in place, here are some tips to help you with your efforts to protect your company.

1. Get your business in order.

  1. Decide who will oversee the screening process and keep track of the paperwork. This person must be well respected in the hospital or clinic, be trusted to handle confidential information, be well organized and if possible have human resources and management experience.
  2. Set up a filing system. All screening documents should be stored in a locked file cabinet (within the medical cente or offsite) for an indefinite period of time. Files should never be left out in the open or in a readily accessible location. My advice is to use a Medical recruitment software, in a few words, they seem to work the best.

2. Assess risk and determine the screening requirements for the position in question.  Screen appropriately for the level of risk inherent in the position.

3. Gather information from those to be screened, including the following:

  1. A well crafted Application Form that contains key questions concerning past incidents of inappropriate behavior.
  2. A Reference List of all the candidate's schools, employers, hospitals, and medical supervisors over the last five years. A minimum of three references should be checked.
  3. A broad Release Form to permit these references to freely divulge information about the candidate, and allow you to perform other investigative inquiries.

4. Check with the candidate's references - preferably in writing. Ask them a series of key questions to reveal any past history in the medical industry. Well worded inquiries will reveal the most information about a candidate.

5. Check appropriate public records. Based on the candidate's residential address history, perform a criminal history records check at the state level (almost all states have a central repository available), and the county level (all are available) going back five to seven years.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Starting A Home business-7 Steps To Your Success

Starting a home business is not a difficult task at all. In fact, in when staring one there are many advantages. You can enjoy the freedom that working at home give you, as well as been able to work to a shedule the suits your home life. But you must also remember that running your own business will also require a lot of effort and dedication from you. The main thing is for you to learn how to manage time for your work and time for your family. But by working hard your efforts would be well rewarded.

Before you start a work at home business here are some points for you to consider.

1. Will you be able to choose when and where to work?

2. Will your home business allow you continue your current job and work at home?

3. Will your business require publicity or further promotion?

4. Will your home business require any investment?

5. What will be the risks in starting a home business?

6. Do you need further training and support to improve your home business?

7. Do you know with any one with a successful home business who can help or mentor to you?

Another important thing for you to consider when starting a home business, is to do something you are really passionate about. This is because you will put greater effort without any difficulty because you already really love doing this.

Starting a child day care center, candle business, decorative gift baskets, wall paintings, fashion jewelry, photography, party rentals. All these are inexpensive ways to start. However, you may find that these businesses may require lot of effort and be time consuming. But once your business is up and running, you will be able to reap the rewards for your efforts.

If you have a computer at home with an internet connection, then your home business opportunities are enormous. You could start a work at home internet business if you have the adequate knowledge to do so .One thing to consider is, starting your own online dating site which will provide more profit from every member that joins your site.

However, this will need some investment from you. A dating website will earn you a profit when a member subscribes for premium membership and when existing members also renew their membership The main advantage of a site like this, is it will create you a residual income

You must take the time to get an organized plan for your business, if you do then you can plan to fail. by making a plan it will help you improve your home business and make it more efficient, which all leads to more profit.

You can allocate a room in your home for business use. Then you can arrange the essential things like a chair, computer, cabinet, fax, phone etc. Getting a comfortable chair is very important, especially if you have to work for long hours on your computer. Also consider filing the essential paper work in a cabinet. Keep it organized!

Time management is one of the most important things when you start a home based business. You need to have the ability to prioritize your work so that you can achieve success. Remember success equals profit.

Work At Home Crafts-It Is Possible To Earn A Income Decent With Them

Working at home making crafts will require you to assemble small craft products. This type of work is best suited to stay at home moms, people who are retired and college students, It is also ideal for anyone who wishes to get away from the 9 to 5 grind.

With work at home crafts it is possible to earn a decent income. This type of work will not require any previous experience or qualifications. You will find there is a high demand for home based assemblers, by many companies, they will pay you a tidy income for you doing this work for them. It should be noted that there is no age limit for these types of jobs. Thus, you will be guaranteed to get a job.

There are a large number of companies that offer wide variety of craft work like baby burp pads, doll house furniture, jewelry, stuffed animals, hand painting, needle work, Knitting, toys and gifts, wooden products and holiday decorations.

The reason there is such a large amount of this type of work available to you is simple. By hiring home based workers like you, companies avoid the huge costs of employing a large permanent work force and having to pay for the premises for them to work in.

No special skills are required in work at home crafts. All you will need to do is follow the easy instructions that will be provide by the company that employs you. Just about all these crafts can be mastered in a short time. As there will be no boss watching over you, you will be relieved from the pressure of working the 9 to 5 grind. You will be able to start and finish work at a time that is convenient to you. The more you do the more you will earn with this type of work, making it possible for you to earn a nice income from the making craft products.

Most of the companies that would hire you to be a home based worker, will pay you in the form of a check or direct deposit in to your bank account. You will be paid for any item you have completed and returned to them, you normally receive payment within 3 days of them receiving your completed product. However the payment may slightly vary from company to company depending upon there payment policies.

One of the legitimate home based jobs is assembling crafts at your home. But you must be care full as there are some scams out there. The best place to start your search for this type of work is the internet, as there are some websites who work as intermediates to companies and home based workers.

There are thousand of people all over the world already making a decent income from home craft assembly jobs. Therefore doing this type of work is not only a hobby but rewarding work that can provide you a full time or supplemental income.