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Wednesday, July 24, 2013



Hello All,

The New 20now!

Here's a brief run-down of what all is included:

(a) Your Own Website - Imagine having a push-button-simple website that you can customize any way you want, making it personalized to you and your business. This was one of the hurdles we couldn't get over with the original ToolsTeam. There was only "one site" and whatever pages had on it, that's what everyone had on their replicated site. With the new system we'll provide you with the standard pages (home page, contact, about, etc), but then you're free to change anything on it you want. You can create your own pages, word things however you want, etc. We're even including a way-cool page editor that really makes building your own pages as simple as point-n-click. I just saw it a couple days ago and I instantly fell in love - I knew it was exactly what all you guys needed. It's dead simple for those that aren't so skilled with the mouse and keyboard, but you can also "get down and dirty" if you're a pro.

(a) Facebook Marketing Module - this is the tool everyone remembers from last year. Facebook is THE largest marketing platform in the world and you tap right into it. Imagine having the largest marketing platform in the world "on tap" and getting prospects that you don't now how they found you and you would otherwise never meet. When your prospects come to the website to "learn more" or join a webcast, watch a video - just about anything, they opt-in through facebook. The Facebook Marketing Module then begins to market to them and all of their friends through facebook to gain more prospects and of course bring more people into your downline. It's totally insane when it comes to marketing.

(b) Live Streaming Events - this is huge! Imagine hosting your own webcast like the big-boys and having an unlimited audience follow you live as you talk about your business. You can easily get stuck paying $500 to "webinar" places and hit a hard limit of 1,000 people that can participate. With our Live Streaming system you have an unlimited number of participants watch you talk about your business, take questions, see you on your webcam, and share your screen. You can even have other guests come on and do the same with you. Even better than other webinar systems - it's all right on your own website, you don't send people to sign up at some other company's website!!! A lot of people have already seen this on some of the systems I released since the original ToolsTeam, and they all say it's a real game-changer. OH - Did I mention the Live Streaming is automatically recorded in youtube for you to build a youtube following and so you can have your own video archive on your website? Yeah, slipped my mind! :^D

(c) Mass Email System - yet another system I built since the 1.0 days. :^D Imagine having a massive list and 0 problems sending emails to each person and knowing they are delivered to the inbox every time. Sending email either makes or breaks marketing. All the big online marketers know it. It's their biggest problem (just ask them and they'll tell you the horror stories of sending email). Well, I'm happy to say early this year I solved that problem. Why is this important? Because when you start getting a following you want to make sure your emails get delivered to your folks. I've had a couple B-I-G marketers use the system and they rave about it. I just checked, this system has already sent 2.7 MILLION emails just this year alone.

(d) Blogging - Imagine "branding" yourself and having a following that enjoys what you have to say and wants the products and services you offer! OK, now I'm going to have to start giving up the secrets. Big marketers develop large followings by building a brand - themselves. All of these tools come together so you can do the same, and blogging is a big component. Imagine writing your thoughts, in your own words, about whatever business you're promoting, and having all your followers read it. And then having it picked up by google, yahoo, bing, etc. This is the secret of blogging. You develop your own voice and people identify with you and the search engines love it.

(e) Training Training Training - Yep, reading all that above I know with all the "easy buttons" and "automated" I can put on it, we're going to need a whole lot of training. Now, you'll be surprised how easy all that "tech stuff" is to use once you see it and start using it, and that's because I've built it to practically run itself. But I'm planning on having regular (read "weekly") training Live Streaming Events myself where I show how the system works and take your questions, even work on your website for you during the webcast! And along the way, I'm going to be spilling all the secrets of the big marketers, the stuff they know that helps them be successful, and I'm going to show you how you can do it yourself using this system. Are you ready to be the next B-I-G marketer?

Like I said above, that's a brief list of the features going into "ToolsTeam 2.0".

Pick any one of these tools and it's easily worth way more than $20!! So at that ridiculous price you're getting the deal of the lifetime. And that's no hype, I invite everyone to just think about how much they would pay for any each of those items all by itself and then add it all up - it doesn't take a math whiz to figure out it's an awesome system at an awesome price!

OK, So how much does it cost?

Kinda answered that one above, it's $20/mo. :^D

The cool thing is, you can pay for it out of your commissions. Speaking of commissions...

Can you tell me about the comp plan?

I don't want a complicated compensation plan. The easier to understand, the better. So I'll keep it simple:

(a) You're paid $5 bonus for every personal referral every month. (4 personals and your monthly cost is covered by your commissions - simple, no?)

(b) The matrix is 4x10. You're paid $0.70 for each person down 10 levels. Starting on level 5 you have to have one active personal referral to be paid on that level, and one additional active personal referral each level down to 10. (So to be paid on level 10 you will need 6 active personal referrals).

(c) You're matched 100% on the matrix commissions of every personal referral.

(d) Count it up, that's $19 paid in commissions. We'll use the other $1 for special prizes, events, etc. Imagine coming to a company-paid-for cruise or beach vacation - all you have to do is show up!

When is it going live?

We plan on letting you start to use the system before the end of this month.

The Facebook Marketing Module and the Mass Emailer are already complete and are in beta testing.

Right now I'm working on getting the matrix load and commission code done and the site design. Once that's complete, you'll be able to come to the new website and begin using it.

Then I'll turn on Live Streaming to start doing some live events with the entire company, and then "private" events with the Leaders and their entire downlines.

Then I'll start up the training sessions and start showing you how to use your website, but you'll already be getting opt-ins and everything - it's all automated!

I'm pre-registered, do I keep my position "in line" to be put in the matrix? Once it goes live, how do I activate my position in the matrix?

Pre-registering locks in your position. The matrix is going to be loaded in the same order that everyone has pre-registered.

We will have a grace period of at least several days for everyone who has pre-enrolled to make their first month's payment and "activate" their position in the matrix. Once the grace period ends the matrix will be loaded in the same order people pre-registered and the first commissions will be paid.

Your registration key is super-important. When you first come to the new website you will be asked for your registration key, this is how you keep your place in pre-registration order.

I didn't get my pre-registration key, what do I do?

If you, or someone you know, didn't get their pre-registration key, send me an email with full name, email address, and user name, and we'll get it sorted out. Some people didn't enter complete email addresses, so no emails are going out to them. There's not much I can do about it if they don't contact me.

I want to market this thing "now", what do I do?

The welcome page has a sample email to send to your friends and other marketers. And of course, you can tell them when they pre-register (with no obligation to upgrade) they will get this exact email that should tell them more than enough about the system and how they can make money using it.

How many positions in the matrix can I have? Can we stack?

You can sign up for as many accounts as you want - you may need multiple websites for your multiple businesses, but if the accounts are all in one household they all have to be signed up under the same sponsor, your original sponsor. No exceptions. Stacking is one of the quickest ways to get your positions removed.

Crafty marketers have crafty ways of stacking. While this "answer" isn't all the legal wording about stacking, etc, keep in mind if you stack, no matter how crafty, isn't tolerated. It messes up the commissions for the marketers that trust all their personal referrals to "play fair".

Again, I want to personally thank everyone for the awesome support!
YOU GUYS HAVE ME TOTALLY PUMPED! (now back to the code-cave I go, he he)
Don't forget to send in your questions, or if you have any issues with getting your friends and fellow marketers pre-registered!
Always working on your success,
Richard "Jarhead" Pickett

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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Star City Ads

Hello All,

Introducing Star City Ads, a total breakaway from the CAP umbrella.

It’s a revenue share fueled by a short but sweet 3-phase matrix with a huge referral incentive bonus on level 3 in the 3rd phase.

With revenue shares paying up to 2% a day, most people understand the virtual money aspect. James and Vicki went back to the old time revenue sharing plan where revenue shared is cash in hand.

If your in a hurry then join here:

You can fund your Star City Ads account with either Payza or STP. NOTE: All earnings mentioned are projected based on potential results of movement in each plan and are not guaranteed. You must treat this as a business and develop a game plan to fit your budget.

Fees will be deducted by either Payza or STP (NOT Star City Ads) during funding or when making a withdrawal. So if you fund or withdraw $100 you won't actually see $100 added to your account balance. You will see less based on whatever the fees that Payza or STP charge.

The revenue share is a simple straight line. All pre-launch positions are randomly entered into the line. Purchase as many pre-launch positions or new positions after launch as you feel comfortable with. Positions purchased after launch are entered in order as they are purchased.

They do not cycle, but are paid $0.25 per position and stay the same position number they are entered. 40 positions are paid @ $0.25 each per $10.50 spend. This part of Star City Ads will open first.

NOTE: $100 funded one time is better than funding $20 - 5 times when funding - you will save on fees that way - same thing with cashing out.

Example of how the revenue sharing part of the program pays: You have position #6000 and the position on the payout is #6000. In comes a new purchase of $10.50. You get paid $0.25 and 39 more spots after you get paid $0.25. So now it’s at #6039 and another $10.50 spot is purchased. The next 40 positions get paid $0.25. You could have any # of those next 40 positions or none of them.

Okay now say there is at this time 7000 positions in the rev share line. Once it reaches #7000 it will go back up to position #1 and start paying down 40 positions for each new position purchased again until it reaches the bottom @ $0.25 each. It then goes back to the top to start all over again and again. This is old time rev share business where the funds are actually there, not virtual funds, a rev share that actually pays long term.

Next, the 3 phase matrix plan begins. You may already be pre-funded by having Account Balance from the rev share or you may need to pre-fund for your purchases. Or you pre-funded prior to launch for both. All pre-launch positions are entered randomly into the matrix. Purchase as many pre-launch positions or new positions after launch as you feel comfortable with. Positions after launch are entered into the matrix in the order they are purchased and as re-entries are created.

Now you are looking at a plan with the quickest matrix on the planet for the lowest cost ever.
You have 3 levels - 2 X 2, 2 X 2, 1 X 2

What do people complain about the most on monthly or sub based programs?

I have to pay subs monthly and have paid for 3 - 4 months or more and haven't been paid a dime yet. With Start City Ads, you do not pay a sub until you earn first.

Here is how the matrix works: First you earn $10 when you cycle Level One, plus an entry into Level Two. Next, when you cycle Level Two, you receive another $10, an entry into Level Three, plus a re-entry into Level One, thus you get another spot working for you in the matrix.

When you cycle Level Three, you will receive $100. You pay $10.50 (this is a WEEKLY Subscription) to release these funds to your account (another spot added to matrix Level One working for you), receive Four re-entries into Level One (4 more spots working for you), $10.00 goes to your enroller (And /or to you if you enrolled a person cycling Level Three). (Huge incentive to recruit) PLUS now you’re already over at the revenue share and earning. Each person who cycles Level Three gets 4 spots into the revenue sharing line which will pay the next 160 spots @ $0.25 each time those 4 come up. The 4 revenue sharing positions enter the line in the order they are created, along with any new revenue sharing positions that are purchased.

All funds earned, are deposited directly into your account balance. All weekly subs are taken out of your account balance. Once you reach a total of 200 subs, you will no longer create any new subs. Rather, you will pay the $10.50 (which adds another position for you into Level One) to release your $100 for cycling Level Three and each sub after 200 total will be canceled in the same way with a new position into Level One.

All purchases in both the revenue sharing plan and the matrix (including subs and re-entries) purchase advertising credits for you to use to advertise any other acceptable business you are involved with, and are added to your account as soon as you make a purchase. Because you are purchasing a product, there are NO REFUNDS of ANY purchases.

Summary of the Matrix Pay Plan (POTENTIAL EARNINGS)

Condo Level (2x2)
$10.00 to Members AB
$30.00 into Tower Level

Tower Level (2x2)
$10.00 reentry into Condo Level
$10.00 to Members AB
$100.00 Entry into Sky Scraper Level

Sky Scraper Level (1x2)
$40.00 (4) reentries into Condo Level
$10.00 to your enroller (referral bonus)
$40.00 (4) REVENUE SHARE AD SPOTS in our Red Carpet Premiere
$100.00 to members AB

Set up weekly subscription for $10.50 to receive $100.00 to Members AB which creates you a new spot in Condo Level.

Maximum subscription limit - 200 subscriptions. After limit is reached you pay $10.50 one-time to receive your $100.00

All subscriptions must be maintained when due on a weekly basis in order to remain an active member.

We look forward to your success with our program!

Vicki Gardner and James Lawson. They are two of the best owners and honest admin on the net today. We communicate daily and I can assure you they are tops and this NEW program is going to top anything you have ever seen. It will amaze and rock the online world. Vicki and James have out done themselves...this is beyond genius!

This is a Huge and Unique Advertising Program with Revenue Share Powered by Matrix.

We are in Prelaunch and it is Free to Join Now.

The VERY FIRST thing you want to do is sign up for the pre-launch newsletter and grab your Promotional URL right away. Start building NOW...Huge Referral Incentive Bonuses.

These pre-launch newsletters are a must. They will guide you and explain all aspects of Star City Ads. Get all the exciting news as it unfolds.


We are going to experience something very special and unique! Get onboard now.

Once you get to the web site, click on the "Signup" link on the top right of the page.

Scroll down the new page and complete the "Registration" form to start receiving the newsletters.

You will then start receiving information on how the program works and you will also then have your referral links so you can start building your list.

Get ready for the ride of your life.

Sign Up Here!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Alive Matrix Plus Free $10.00 Sign-up Bonus

Alive Matrix - We offer you $10

Program overview

The alive matrix Profit Share Program (amPSP), is an online advertising and rewards program.

Membership is free, but if you choose, you may then purchase an eStore in our Global Community Shopping Mall. You choose the size of your store ranging in value anywhere from $10 to $3,000 (adding $1,000 per month over 3 months). The size of the store is measured in units and each unit is valued at $10.

In order to buy eStore units, you need to first open your eWallet account using our eWallet system, and fund your amPSP eMoney account directly.

Each day something positive happens when you log in to your amPSP account… you receive daily profit share and commission payments from your referrals and your referrals’ referrals. alive matrix Profit Share Program members may sponsor others and receive referral commissions of 10% on their first level referrals and 5% on their second level referrals. You may withdraw the daily profit share and commissions whenever you like.

Note: You can only withdraw daily profit share and commissions. Your initial contribution is for the purchase of your eStore and cannot be withdrawn.

You can choose to either withdraw your daily earnings and commissions OR use them to purchase more advertising units, which are valued at $10 each, thereby increasing your daily earnings even more. For every $2,000 you withdraw you will receive $1,900 in cash and a $100 Cash Back eVoucher to use in our Global Shopping Mall. The eVoucher is valid for 90 days and the minimum withdrawal is $20.

What do I need to do to share in the daily profits and receive commission?

You receive 2% per day Monday to Friday and 1.5% on weekends for the first 3 months. After this period if you wish to continue to make 1.5% per day and commissions on the weekend, you will need to have 4 active members, referred directly by you, in your team. An active member is someone who has paid their eStore registration. eStore registration ($75 or $260). You have up to 90 days to register your eStore in order to continue in the program, and to receive your daily profit share and commissions. This contribution will also place you in a higher share of the global profit pool through the alive matrix Tables (amT Program).

Before you withdraw more than the equivalent amount spent on your eStore, you can choose to:

    You can choose to share the concept with others and refer a minimum of 4 active members within your first 6 months (180 days)
    You may contribute by helping to expand the Shopping Mall by referring a minimum of 2 genuine businesses within your first 6 months of registration. (If you wish to continue in the program after 6 months, you need to have completed either number 1 or 2)
    All members are required to support the shopping mall by making every day purchases from the listed shops and businesses. (a minimum of 1 order from participating stores or business outlets is required before your first withdrawal)
    The ongoing number of required shopping mall orders will depend on the overall program cash flow. We encourage everyone to shop as much as possible in the shopping mall and participating business outlets, and to encourage others to patronise the stores listed, so as to support your income and make more profits available for all of us to share. This will also assist with the sustainability and longevity of the amPSP.

Monthly Online Store Management Contribution

alive matrix will manage all logistical aspects of your Global Online Store ~ from administration, accounting, affiliations and client registrations to supplying IT integration, invoices, payments, maintenance and more. It is beneficial to all members to introduce as many genuine businesses (websites) to the shopping mall as possible. We all need to play our part for the success of the shopping mall (and our income)…

For this service you will need to contribute a small monthly amount relative to your store profits. This will ensure the continuation of your daily profit share.

$2 profit per day will incur a $9 contribution
$10 profit per day - $29 per month
$20 profit per day - $49 per month
$50 (and above) profit per day - $99 per month

This contribution will begin 7 days after you reach the applicable daily profit share amount and will be direct debited from your amPSP eMoney account. It is important that you have sufficient funds in your amPSP eMoney account to cover the direct debit, to ensure that you continue to receive your daily profit share.


Where does the money come from?

alive matrix aims to ensure that the program is perpetually sustainable and for this reason we have added several revenue sources and strategies such as a refresh feature, expiring units and caps on withdrawals etc., this is purely to maintain the alive matrix Profit Share Program integrity and longevity.

Some of these revenue sources include:

    eStore purchases
    Retail profits from our global online shopping mall
    Advertising revenue from businesses who register with the shopping mall
    Extra alma Global Shopping Mall revenue (classifieds, events, coupons, banner options)
    Monthly eStore management contribution
    Yearly registrations
    MasterCard and payment processor commissions
    Unused ‘security card’ funds
    Commissions from third parties on funds under management

Refresh feature

If, for any unforeseen circumstance e.g. server downtime, payment processor/eWallet problems etc. we need to introduce a refresh feature, it would work like this. To adjust the interrupted cash flow we will adjust the size of some accounts, those that are older than 30 days, by an acceptable level of up to 20%. We don’t envisage this will happen often, if at all ~ but just for extra security we have it available.

Expiring Units

Why do units expire?
If the units didn’t expire the system would not be indefinitely sustainable. If the accounts were unlimited eventually there wouldn’t be enough funds to pay everyone’s daily profit share.

How do the units work?
Being an advertising program, each day when you purchase advertising units you are placing an ad which has a time limit. It’s exactly the same as placing an ad in a newspaper or magazine, but this ad has returned you a financial benefit for that period. e.g. If you place an ad in a monthly magazine, your ad will run on average for 30 days, then when that 30 days finishes and the magazine goes out of circulation your ad expires and your return on the ad will stop, but you have increased your earnings during the life of the ad.


There is a maximum limit of $250,000 or 25,000 active units on the size of any eStore and withdrawals are capped at $5,000 per day to a maximum $1,000,000 per year.

Initial start up assistance – FREE $10

This $10 is to allow you to see how the program works without paying any money. After 6 weeks, or once you have $10 in your account (which you have made with the free $10 start up assistance) we rescind the original $10 and you progress on from there, it will appear on ‘Your account transactions’ as ‘Return initial start up assistance’.


As part of our security against hacking, your full legal name and email address recorded in our system must match your name and email address entered in your payment processor, eWallet account. e.g. EzyBonds, Solid Trust Pay etc.

If your details do NOT match alive matrix will use any appropriate means available to verify your identity and you will incur a $50 account verification fee. To avoid unnecessary processing and expense, and time, please see that your details match in all of your accounts.

Everyone is required to withdraw no more than 20% of their total earnings.

Note: Large accounts will be allowed larger withdrawals upon request, to allow the cap of 1 million a year to be withdrawn.

After you have withdrawn 3 times the amount you have spent on eStore units, we require you to spend 20% of each withdrawal amount in the shopping mall. We are not asking you to spend extra money that you would not normally spend, but to redirect some of your normal spending amount.

This way you are sharing in the responsibility of supporting your program and at the same time sharing in the benefits that brings for your income.

After you withdraw 5 times the amount spent on eStore units, if you are NOT actively supporting the program (shopping in the mall, assisting alive matrix to build the shopping mall and sharing the program with others) we reserve the right to freeze/terminate your account – as you are not operating in the spirit of alive matrix and are not upholding a positive example for other members/prospective members to respect. This reflects negatively on the company, the program and it’s members, and will affect the incomes of the agents in general. It is our desire to protect as much as possible the freedom of everyone – and this means protecting the incomes of all our members.

A purchase from the alma Global Shopping Mall is necessary before your first withdrawal, and all monthly contributions and direct debits due are required to be up to date (account must be green) in order for withdrawals to be processed

Guarantee of Income

No specific level of income is guaranteed ~ any reference to specific levels of earnings on this website is for the purpose of explaining the potential of the program only and is not a projection of guaranteed earnings. Your actual income will depend on the success of your marketing efforts and/or participation in the program. i.e. inviting businesses to and personal orders from the shopping mall. The efforts of those you introduce to the program and the overall profitability of the company also have a bearing on your earnings. Income is derived solely from the sale of products and/or services to members and/or end users, there is no compensation for recruiting people. Members may qualify to participate in the program without making a eStore purchase and customers may buy products from the shopping mall without participating in the alive matrix Profit Share Program.

The Spirit of the alive matrix Profit Share Program

We made the alive matrix Profit Share Program very easy so that after a few months agents can invite people easily by just sharing their experiences and showing their account. The spirit of alive matrix is freedom for everyone… and to achieve this EVERYONE needs to be involved in supporting the program at all levels. When you support the program you support your own income and that of your fellow members. alive matrix is a business based on cooperation and sharing. We all share the responsibility of supporting the business and each other. All contributions and fees go into the profit pool to help support the incomes of the whole global team. When you shop in the shopping mall you are also supporting the program, your income and the incomes of the other members.

It is permissible to help your family/friends and open accounts for them, as long as you fulfil all the requirements and qualify their positions with 4 active members. If the accounts are not genuine the amPSP management team will:

    Freeze all the accounts
    Ask you to provide 2 photo ID’s for each account and contact all account owners to verify their IDs at your cost
    If we decide its necessary, we will block payments until all accounts are fully qualified with 4 active members each

Abusive behaviour towards the generosity of the program or using our lenient conditions to treat the program as an investment will not be accepted or tolerated in alive matrix. If people want an investment they can put their money in a bank - not in a business that requires some action & cooperation. We have many tools inside our software to detect fraudulent and abusive accounts.

Exceptions to the following withdrawal caps may be made on an individual basis...Most of our members have the right intentions and will not be affected... these are purely preventative measures.

4 SE (Senior Executives) maximum $800 per week - $62,400 per year (SE is when you have 4 active members directly under you)

Withdrawal caps based on the number of Senior Executives MAY be applicable on an individual basis eg:

10 SE $1,500 per week - $78,000 per year
20 SE $2,500 per week - $130,000 per year
30 SE $3,500 per week - $182,000 per year
40 SE $6,000 per week - $312,000 per year
50 SE $10,000 per week - $520,000 per year

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hospitality Resources - Best Professional Hospitality Resources

To read more on tips for job hunting in today's market and advice about job hunting check out Job Hunting Tips.

Professional Hospitality Resources For Quick Job Hunting Results

The need for hospitality employees is obvious. Unfortunately, the most common mistake that people who are in need for work in this kind of business make is search in the wrong places. If you have been searching for a position in this business, yet have had no successful results until now, then you may be one of those that have looked in the wrong places.

Let me share some of the best professional hospitality resources that you can try signing up with or browse so that you have the chance for quick job hunting results.

Google Job Search

Google job search is a very good way to find resources with job openings. You do know that Google has a very effective search engine and the good thing is that this also applies with their job search feature. You can expect that a lot of companies have signed-up for this service. So, there is a high probability that you would find whatever job it is that you are looking for. All you have to do is type it in, hit search and Google will do the rest for you.

Yahoo Hot Jobs

If Google has job search, it’s counterpart in Yahoo would be Hot Jobs. This feature is much like Job Search. It is also a place where employers could post job openings. You can also have your resume uploaded on your profile so that even employers could see it without even sending it to them. This is one way for you to get found by a company, with less effort on your part.


Craigslist is also a popular job search resource on the Internet. Many employers have been posting openings for different kinds of jobs in different industries here. All you have to do would be some effort in browsing numerous ads.

However, the ads are categorized by industry anyway. Finding one that fits your needs is quite easy. They also have a search box feature. All you need to do is type in the specific job you are looking for and for sure there are numerous search results waiting for you.

Company Web Sites

If you really want fast results with your job application, then why not try directly looking in company Web sites? Although you may not find ads posted on their main Web site, try searching for links leading to subpages in their site that mainly tackles on hiring and job opportunities.

Most likely they would provide an email address of telephone number that you can contact if ever you want to apply for a job. If not, you can try dropping by their main office. If they think your are fit for their job opening, for sure you would hear from them in no time!

Recruitment Agencies

Sometimes, companies prefer to hire from recruitment agencies, rather than directly hire people to work from them. This is true if a company is in partner of a recruitment agency. So, it is recommended that you get the help of recruitment agencies. However, doing so would mean that you are going to have a contract with your agency and not exactly your company.

So, if you think that the conditions set by your agency is workable then go ahead. However, there is still more possibilities of getting advancements, perks and benefits if you would be directly working with the company.

Business Awards, Are You Underestimating Them?

Company awards are presented to employees of a company for an assortment of reasons.  Sometimes people get awards for reaching particular milestones in their career with the company, like 10 years and 20 years of service.  Other times companies give awards for hitting goals or satisfying a particular goal.  Frequently at the completion of a large project, after it has successfully come to fruition, a company might honor the employees responsible for the project.  Numerous companies still give awards as holiday incentives, though this practice is decreasing with the economy.

Company awards are oftentimes some kind of jewelry to commend an employee for great service, like a tie tack or a pin.  An employee celebrating a 20th anniversary with the company might get a nice watch, whereas someone celebrating only 5 years gets a desk set.  Holiday incentives might include a party and some type of present or a ham or turkey.  Many companies are giving gift cards today instead of passing out actual food products.  And then there are still a select few company incentives that come in the fashion of cold, hard cash (or at least a bonus on the paycheck).

Although it is true that employee awards can be a genuine factor in furthering a company's performance, a similar, but much overlooked method is to obtain awards for the company itself. You'll find specialized details on this subject at the {awards list} site. Corporate recognition awards - in which an independent body recognizes your company as the best in it's sector or in a particular area like customer service or employee development - can be a huge marketing benefit. These awards can obtain favourable PR and news coverage and attract better employees. Smart companies deliberately target industry awards each year as part of their formal marketing plan. Company awards are definitely worth learning more about.