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Star City Ads

Hello All,

Introducing Star City Ads, a total breakaway from the CAP umbrella.

It’s a revenue share fueled by a short but sweet 3-phase matrix with a huge referral incentive bonus on level 3 in the 3rd phase.

With revenue shares paying up to 2% a day, most people understand the virtual money aspect. James and Vicki went back to the old time revenue sharing plan where revenue shared is cash in hand.

If your in a hurry then join here:

You can fund your Star City Ads account with either Payza or STP. NOTE: All earnings mentioned are projected based on potential results of movement in each plan and are not guaranteed. You must treat this as a business and develop a game plan to fit your budget.

Fees will be deducted by either Payza or STP (NOT Star City Ads) during funding or when making a withdrawal. So if you fund or withdraw $100 you won't actually see $100 added to your account balance. You will see less based on whatever the fees that Payza or STP charge.

The revenue share is a simple straight line. All pre-launch positions are randomly entered into the line. Purchase as many pre-launch positions or new positions after launch as you feel comfortable with. Positions purchased after launch are entered in order as they are purchased.

They do not cycle, but are paid $0.25 per position and stay the same position number they are entered. 40 positions are paid @ $0.25 each per $10.50 spend. This part of Star City Ads will open first.

NOTE: $100 funded one time is better than funding $20 - 5 times when funding - you will save on fees that way - same thing with cashing out.

Example of how the revenue sharing part of the program pays: You have position #6000 and the position on the payout is #6000. In comes a new purchase of $10.50. You get paid $0.25 and 39 more spots after you get paid $0.25. So now it’s at #6039 and another $10.50 spot is purchased. The next 40 positions get paid $0.25. You could have any # of those next 40 positions or none of them.

Okay now say there is at this time 7000 positions in the rev share line. Once it reaches #7000 it will go back up to position #1 and start paying down 40 positions for each new position purchased again until it reaches the bottom @ $0.25 each. It then goes back to the top to start all over again and again. This is old time rev share business where the funds are actually there, not virtual funds, a rev share that actually pays long term.

Next, the 3 phase matrix plan begins. You may already be pre-funded by having Account Balance from the rev share or you may need to pre-fund for your purchases. Or you pre-funded prior to launch for both. All pre-launch positions are entered randomly into the matrix. Purchase as many pre-launch positions or new positions after launch as you feel comfortable with. Positions after launch are entered into the matrix in the order they are purchased and as re-entries are created.

Now you are looking at a plan with the quickest matrix on the planet for the lowest cost ever.
You have 3 levels - 2 X 2, 2 X 2, 1 X 2

What do people complain about the most on monthly or sub based programs?

I have to pay subs monthly and have paid for 3 - 4 months or more and haven't been paid a dime yet. With Start City Ads, you do not pay a sub until you earn first.

Here is how the matrix works: First you earn $10 when you cycle Level One, plus an entry into Level Two. Next, when you cycle Level Two, you receive another $10, an entry into Level Three, plus a re-entry into Level One, thus you get another spot working for you in the matrix.

When you cycle Level Three, you will receive $100. You pay $10.50 (this is a WEEKLY Subscription) to release these funds to your account (another spot added to matrix Level One working for you), receive Four re-entries into Level One (4 more spots working for you), $10.00 goes to your enroller (And /or to you if you enrolled a person cycling Level Three). (Huge incentive to recruit) PLUS now you’re already over at the revenue share and earning. Each person who cycles Level Three gets 4 spots into the revenue sharing line which will pay the next 160 spots @ $0.25 each time those 4 come up. The 4 revenue sharing positions enter the line in the order they are created, along with any new revenue sharing positions that are purchased.

All funds earned, are deposited directly into your account balance. All weekly subs are taken out of your account balance. Once you reach a total of 200 subs, you will no longer create any new subs. Rather, you will pay the $10.50 (which adds another position for you into Level One) to release your $100 for cycling Level Three and each sub after 200 total will be canceled in the same way with a new position into Level One.

All purchases in both the revenue sharing plan and the matrix (including subs and re-entries) purchase advertising credits for you to use to advertise any other acceptable business you are involved with, and are added to your account as soon as you make a purchase. Because you are purchasing a product, there are NO REFUNDS of ANY purchases.

Summary of the Matrix Pay Plan (POTENTIAL EARNINGS)

Condo Level (2x2)
$10.00 to Members AB
$30.00 into Tower Level

Tower Level (2x2)
$10.00 reentry into Condo Level
$10.00 to Members AB
$100.00 Entry into Sky Scraper Level

Sky Scraper Level (1x2)
$40.00 (4) reentries into Condo Level
$10.00 to your enroller (referral bonus)
$40.00 (4) REVENUE SHARE AD SPOTS in our Red Carpet Premiere
$100.00 to members AB

Set up weekly subscription for $10.50 to receive $100.00 to Members AB which creates you a new spot in Condo Level.

Maximum subscription limit - 200 subscriptions. After limit is reached you pay $10.50 one-time to receive your $100.00

All subscriptions must be maintained when due on a weekly basis in order to remain an active member.

We look forward to your success with our program!

Vicki Gardner and James Lawson. They are two of the best owners and honest admin on the net today. We communicate daily and I can assure you they are tops and this NEW program is going to top anything you have ever seen. It will amaze and rock the online world. Vicki and James have out done themselves...this is beyond genius!

This is a Huge and Unique Advertising Program with Revenue Share Powered by Matrix.

We are in Prelaunch and it is Free to Join Now.

The VERY FIRST thing you want to do is sign up for the pre-launch newsletter and grab your Promotional URL right away. Start building NOW...Huge Referral Incentive Bonuses.

These pre-launch newsletters are a must. They will guide you and explain all aspects of Star City Ads. Get all the exciting news as it unfolds.


We are going to experience something very special and unique! Get onboard now.

Once you get to the web site, click on the "Signup" link on the top right of the page.

Scroll down the new page and complete the "Registration" form to start receiving the newsletters.

You will then start receiving information on how the program works and you will also then have your referral links so you can start building your list.

Get ready for the ride of your life.

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