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Hello All,

The New 20now!

Here's a brief run-down of what all is included:

(a) Your Own Website - Imagine having a push-button-simple website that you can customize any way you want, making it personalized to you and your business. This was one of the hurdles we couldn't get over with the original ToolsTeam. There was only "one site" and whatever pages had on it, that's what everyone had on their replicated site. With the new system we'll provide you with the standard pages (home page, contact, about, etc), but then you're free to change anything on it you want. You can create your own pages, word things however you want, etc. We're even including a way-cool page editor that really makes building your own pages as simple as point-n-click. I just saw it a couple days ago and I instantly fell in love - I knew it was exactly what all you guys needed. It's dead simple for those that aren't so skilled with the mouse and keyboard, but you can also "get down and dirty" if you're a pro.

(a) Facebook Marketing Module - this is the tool everyone remembers from last year. Facebook is THE largest marketing platform in the world and you tap right into it. Imagine having the largest marketing platform in the world "on tap" and getting prospects that you don't now how they found you and you would otherwise never meet. When your prospects come to the website to "learn more" or join a webcast, watch a video - just about anything, they opt-in through facebook. The Facebook Marketing Module then begins to market to them and all of their friends through facebook to gain more prospects and of course bring more people into your downline. It's totally insane when it comes to marketing.

(b) Live Streaming Events - this is huge! Imagine hosting your own webcast like the big-boys and having an unlimited audience follow you live as you talk about your business. You can easily get stuck paying $500 to "webinar" places and hit a hard limit of 1,000 people that can participate. With our Live Streaming system you have an unlimited number of participants watch you talk about your business, take questions, see you on your webcam, and share your screen. You can even have other guests come on and do the same with you. Even better than other webinar systems - it's all right on your own website, you don't send people to sign up at some other company's website!!! A lot of people have already seen this on some of the systems I released since the original ToolsTeam, and they all say it's a real game-changer. OH - Did I mention the Live Streaming is automatically recorded in youtube for you to build a youtube following and so you can have your own video archive on your website? Yeah, slipped my mind! :^D

(c) Mass Email System - yet another system I built since the 1.0 days. :^D Imagine having a massive list and 0 problems sending emails to each person and knowing they are delivered to the inbox every time. Sending email either makes or breaks marketing. All the big online marketers know it. It's their biggest problem (just ask them and they'll tell you the horror stories of sending email). Well, I'm happy to say early this year I solved that problem. Why is this important? Because when you start getting a following you want to make sure your emails get delivered to your folks. I've had a couple B-I-G marketers use the system and they rave about it. I just checked, this system has already sent 2.7 MILLION emails just this year alone.

(d) Blogging - Imagine "branding" yourself and having a following that enjoys what you have to say and wants the products and services you offer! OK, now I'm going to have to start giving up the secrets. Big marketers develop large followings by building a brand - themselves. All of these tools come together so you can do the same, and blogging is a big component. Imagine writing your thoughts, in your own words, about whatever business you're promoting, and having all your followers read it. And then having it picked up by google, yahoo, bing, etc. This is the secret of blogging. You develop your own voice and people identify with you and the search engines love it.

(e) Training Training Training - Yep, reading all that above I know with all the "easy buttons" and "automated" I can put on it, we're going to need a whole lot of training. Now, you'll be surprised how easy all that "tech stuff" is to use once you see it and start using it, and that's because I've built it to practically run itself. But I'm planning on having regular (read "weekly") training Live Streaming Events myself where I show how the system works and take your questions, even work on your website for you during the webcast! And along the way, I'm going to be spilling all the secrets of the big marketers, the stuff they know that helps them be successful, and I'm going to show you how you can do it yourself using this system. Are you ready to be the next B-I-G marketer?

Like I said above, that's a brief list of the features going into "ToolsTeam 2.0".

Pick any one of these tools and it's easily worth way more than $20!! So at that ridiculous price you're getting the deal of the lifetime. And that's no hype, I invite everyone to just think about how much they would pay for any each of those items all by itself and then add it all up - it doesn't take a math whiz to figure out it's an awesome system at an awesome price!

OK, So how much does it cost?

Kinda answered that one above, it's $20/mo. :^D

The cool thing is, you can pay for it out of your commissions. Speaking of commissions...

Can you tell me about the comp plan?

I don't want a complicated compensation plan. The easier to understand, the better. So I'll keep it simple:

(a) You're paid $5 bonus for every personal referral every month. (4 personals and your monthly cost is covered by your commissions - simple, no?)

(b) The matrix is 4x10. You're paid $0.70 for each person down 10 levels. Starting on level 5 you have to have one active personal referral to be paid on that level, and one additional active personal referral each level down to 10. (So to be paid on level 10 you will need 6 active personal referrals).

(c) You're matched 100% on the matrix commissions of every personal referral.

(d) Count it up, that's $19 paid in commissions. We'll use the other $1 for special prizes, events, etc. Imagine coming to a company-paid-for cruise or beach vacation - all you have to do is show up!

When is it going live?

We plan on letting you start to use the system before the end of this month.

The Facebook Marketing Module and the Mass Emailer are already complete and are in beta testing.

Right now I'm working on getting the matrix load and commission code done and the site design. Once that's complete, you'll be able to come to the new website and begin using it.

Then I'll turn on Live Streaming to start doing some live events with the entire company, and then "private" events with the Leaders and their entire downlines.

Then I'll start up the training sessions and start showing you how to use your website, but you'll already be getting opt-ins and everything - it's all automated!

I'm pre-registered, do I keep my position "in line" to be put in the matrix? Once it goes live, how do I activate my position in the matrix?

Pre-registering locks in your position. The matrix is going to be loaded in the same order that everyone has pre-registered.

We will have a grace period of at least several days for everyone who has pre-enrolled to make their first month's payment and "activate" their position in the matrix. Once the grace period ends the matrix will be loaded in the same order people pre-registered and the first commissions will be paid.

Your registration key is super-important. When you first come to the new website you will be asked for your registration key, this is how you keep your place in pre-registration order.

I didn't get my pre-registration key, what do I do?

If you, or someone you know, didn't get their pre-registration key, send me an email with full name, email address, and user name, and we'll get it sorted out. Some people didn't enter complete email addresses, so no emails are going out to them. There's not much I can do about it if they don't contact me.

I want to market this thing "now", what do I do?

The welcome page has a sample email to send to your friends and other marketers. And of course, you can tell them when they pre-register (with no obligation to upgrade) they will get this exact email that should tell them more than enough about the system and how they can make money using it.

How many positions in the matrix can I have? Can we stack?

You can sign up for as many accounts as you want - you may need multiple websites for your multiple businesses, but if the accounts are all in one household they all have to be signed up under the same sponsor, your original sponsor. No exceptions. Stacking is one of the quickest ways to get your positions removed.

Crafty marketers have crafty ways of stacking. While this "answer" isn't all the legal wording about stacking, etc, keep in mind if you stack, no matter how crafty, isn't tolerated. It messes up the commissions for the marketers that trust all their personal referrals to "play fair".

Again, I want to personally thank everyone for the awesome support!
YOU GUYS HAVE ME TOTALLY PUMPED! (now back to the code-cave I go, he he)
Don't forget to send in your questions, or if you have any issues with getting your friends and fellow marketers pre-registered!
Always working on your success,
Richard "Jarhead" Pickett

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