Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Faxing Made Easy with an Internet Fax Service

Many people need to use a fax machine on occasion, if not quite frequently. Don't you think it be nice if you could have all the benefits of owning a fax machine without having to purchase and maintain a fax machine?

If you have online access, then there is a solution to the traditional fax machine issue. You can subscribe to an Internet faxing solution that lets you send and receive faxes online, all for a very small monthly fee.

Using email faxing has some tremendous advantages over the way faxes have been traditionally sent and received. Probably the largest advantage is that you do not need to have a dedicated phone line for your fax machine. With an Internet faxing service, there is a dedicated phone number that is available around the clock to receive faxes, all without the extra expense of a separate phone line.

Faxing over the Internet also has the advantage of being able to be used anywhere in the world. You can literally be anywhere on the planet and be able to send and receive a fax, as long as you are able to get online. Faxes can be sent to you as an email attachment, or you can go online to your Internet fax service to view your faxes.

You do not need to have access to a printer if changes are needed to the faxes you receive online. Most online fax services come with software that lets you make changes to faxes you receive, and even sign important documents, without first needing to print out the fax.

By using a web Internet faxes service, you can save some money and not be stuck at one location to be able to send and receive faxes from. Using an online fax solution is definitely a smart choice if you need to occasionally send or receive faxes.

There is an online faxing solution that is good for you, regardless if you are a heavy or occasional fax user. Save money today by using a web fax solution!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Perfect choice the Home Based Business

Do you hate having to sit in traffic? Do you hate the cold mornings and having to get the frost off your car?  Do you like the idea of being home, in case your children need you, and still being able to earn an income?  Maybe own a home based business is the career choice for you.

Lots of people decide to work at home every day. They like the freedom and the luxuries that a home based business gives them. They also like the fact that they can actually make money.

If a career like this sounds tempting to you and you don't know where to start. Here are some top choices in home based businesses that many people are pursuing and making money from right now.

Ebay seller: This job is just want the name implies.  One sells things on Ebay for profit.  The choices of what you can sell are endless.  You can sell electronics, clothing, jewelry, household goods, even crafts.  Plus, if you have a lot of items to sell you can open your own Ebay store.

Virtual Assistant: A virtual assistant is similar to a regular assistant.  You would set up appointments, answer phone calls and emails from customers, type letters, send faxes, etc.  You could work for one person or one company.

Freelance Writing: Internet marketing advertising company need always good content. Web content writing is rising in leaps and limits every day.  People need content for their blogs, their websites, and even newsletters that are sent via email.  There are many job boards that list freelance writing assignments and even sites that offer ghostwriting jobs on a part-time and full time basis.  Plus, there are many writing groups that will help newbie writers learn about opportunities.

Web Designing and Flash Animation: If you have great and colorful ideas then web design is perfect home based business. It requires few market knowledge for better earning.

Affiliate Marketing: Its one kind of marketing where you can help others to sell their products as well as yourself because you will receive few amount of commission for it.  This is great for people who have knowledge on how to promote a product.  An example of a fast growing affiliate marketing organization is Clickbank.

Consulting: You can also work as consultant. A consulting job is a nice job in which you can perform services for other.  Many of these types of jobs can be done right from your own home.  All you need to do is set up a space in which you can work.

Artistic Work: If you have talent and skill in painting, sculpting, or any of other type of art, you can set up right at home.  All you need is a workspace and a place to display your finished products to show and sell people.  You can even sell your finished products online at such places as Ebay or Cafepress.

Pay per Click advertising: This type of advertising usually goes hand in hand with affiliate type of marketing. You can earn money every time when someone clicks on a confident site.

E-Commerce Store: This is a type of online store where you will be selling your goods in a type of catalog format.  Many Ebay stores are centered around this concept.

A better earning choice Google Adsense: There are many people that will sign up with Google Adsense.This is a type of PPC advertisement that you can add to your websites randomly and blogs.  The ads are on products that matches your theme.  You make a certain amount of money each and every time someone happens to click one of the ads that are shown on your sites.

Of course, this is just a beginning of the types of jobs that can be turned into a home based business.   Once you begin to use your imagination, you may come up with many more options yourself.

If one application to you, start by doing more research, setting up your workstation and getting the simple tools you may require.Also, don’t disregard that word of mouth can be a immense advantage to many home based business.

One final note is a small warning to begin slowly and allow your home based business to grow before quitting any full time job you may have now.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Citi Business Credit Cards for the Entrepreneur

As a business owner, you are going to need to have a business credit card. It is not a smart idea to use your personal credit cards for business expenses, as you are required to be keeping your personal and business expenses separate.

There are several to choose from, but one of the leading issuers of business credit cards is Citi with their CitiBusiness card. If you use a CitiBusiness small business credit card, you have a credit card that is made especially for the small business owner.

Since you have the ability to get additional credit cards for the people who work for you, and set the credit limit for each card, CitiBusiness puts you in complete control of your finances. Their cards come with online account management that lets you view all of the card charges, view your statements, add employees, and otherwise have complete control of your CitiBusiness account.

If you have a need for low interest business credit cards, CitiBank should have just what you are looking for. Often times they run deals that give you low, or no, beginning interest rates on purchase or balance transfers for a certain amount of time. This really lets you get in control of your cash flow without having to pay interest.

CitiBusiness offers business credit cards that come with rewards program. With such a program, you earn a certain amount of points for every $1 you put on the business credit card. The choice of how to redeem points is up to you. CitiBank gives you many options so that you can have several ways to redeem points.

Just about every business could use a credit card, so it is in your best interest to use a credit card that is specifically intended for business use. The Citi Business credit cards make a great choice as far as business credit cards are concerned. They have some useful benefits for the small business owner, so look into getting your CitiBusiness credit card today.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hold Web Conferencing with WebEx MeetMeNow

With gas costs being considerably higher than they were a few years ago, and the constant price increase of flying, the idea of holding an online meeting instead of in person has really taken off. If you have an Internet meeting, or web teleconferencing, you have the ability to do almost everything that you can do in a face-to-face meeting, without the costly expense of travel and wasted time.

WebEx is a leader in the web teleconferencing, or Internet meeting solution space. WebEx MeetMeNow allows you to hold a virtual meeting with anybody, regardless of their location. You can meet with up to 15 other meeting attendees at once, and all that is required to take part in an online conference is a fairly quick connection to the Internet.

If you find yourself always having to travel to meet with clients or people you work with, you need to look into finding out if a web conferencing collaboration provider can eliminate some, if not all, of your need to travel. With the capability to share what is on your computer desktop with anybody in the meeting, and the ability to discuss important items via the telephone or video teleconferencing, WebEx MeetMeNow allows you to conduct meetings while going nowhere away from your desk.

WebEx MeetMeNow increases your productivity by letting you to stay at home, or in your office, yet still meet with your clients and coworkers. As you meet online with WebEx, you can share presentations, computer programs, or collaborate on special projects, with anybody, regardless of their location, all without having to travel anywhere.

If you find yourself growing weary of always traveling, take a hard look at a online conferencing solution like WebEx MeetMeNow to find out if you can eliminate the majority of your travel with it. Not only will you save time and money if you don’t have to travel, but you might just find yourself a bit more free of stress.

Use an Advanta Credit Card for Your Business Needs

Credit cards are the part of everyday life, particularly if you are an entrepreneur. On a frequent basis there is a time in each day when a credit card comes in handy. It might be as simple as ordering lunch for your employees, or paying the monthly bills of your business, but you have the requirement to use a small business credit card.

It is definitely not a good idea to use a personal credit card for business use, as doing so would will really anger both your account and the IRS. Therefore, you should make sure you have at least one dedicated business credit card. Fortunately there are some great financial institutions that issue low interest business credit cards.

A great source of business credit cards is Advanta. The one thing that they provide is credit cards just for the small business owner. This is all that they do and they are very good at it.

When you use the Advanta credit cards for your small business, you have the backing of a financial institution that has a superior product with excellent benefits that are designed only for the entrepreneur. As one of the biggest issuers of business credit cards, Advanta has over 50 years experience working for small business.

It is very important that you are happy with the bank that provides the credit card that is used by you, the entrepreneur. Advanta is one of those rare businesses that gives you a very secure feeling when it comes to your business finances.

As a small business owner, you need to make sure that you have a business credit card that works as hard for your company as can be possible. Advanta is a great choice for a small business credit card issuer. See for yourself if they are the right credit card for your business.

Small Business Virtual PBX

A very basic form of communication is the telephone. Everyone has a telephone and most people use a phone on a daily basis. It doesn't matter if you use a phone in your business or personal needs, the phone is an important part of your life.

As an entrepreneur, you most likely depend on the phone as a primary source of customer contact. It is vital that your telephone service works with you, not against you.

A small business PBX works in conjunction with your current telephone lines to vastly improve the communication features that your current phone service has. A virtual office PBX telephone system provides you a telephone system that rivals that of a much larger business, at a price that even the smallest of small businesses can afford.

By using one or more toll-free or local main telephone numbers, a PBX system receives an incoming call using a virtual auto attendant, or virtual secretary, and then routes the incoming calls to the relevant employees or departments. This service also utilizes totally customizable voicemail and online faxing abilities, giving you a very powerful phone service.

Being very affordable, with prices beginning at just $10 each month, a hosted IP PBX gives your small business a leg-up on your competition by making your operation perform like a much larger operation. And with the capability to transfer incoming phone calls to any functioning phone, no matter where it is located, a small business PBX system gives your current phone service much greater flexibility than what it already has.

If your small business depends on the phone as a important communication tool, you really need to investigate how a small business PBX phone service can increase your productivity. You should take advantage of the free trial periods offered by most virtual phone services and see what one can do for your small business.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Pay Per Click Advertising for MLM


We learned that MLM marketing can get a huge increase in traffic by (among other things) paying for traffic to be sent to your business site.  That's the Pay Per Click (PPC) option.It means biding for the top spot in the engine rankings.You can do this yourself, however you could pay to do this. 

This is an area, although fraught with a few pitfalls, may pay off for you and your business if you take the time to do some solid research first.  The other thing you will want to consider is not just doing PPC, but combining it with Search Engine Optimization.  This gives you two methods to capture more market share.Together, they're more powerful as a team than they are standing alone.

PPC actually has a fairly long history.  It was the IN thing at the end of the 90's - the famous dot com boom.  But, since it was so new and no one really knew what to do with it, it fell by the wayside, a victim of click fraud.  Advertisers just went some place else and did their thing in safety.  Is PPC click fraud still around?  Most definitely, and that is due to the way it works.  However, having said that, the industry is diligently working on ways to solve it.  Look for even better things in the future with PPC.

There are hundreds of engines you could use to go the PPC route.Here are 5 PPC search engines you can buy traffic from.

One: MSN AdCentre - new player on the block, still has some glitches to work out as it's frustrating

Two: 7Search - smaller engine, good quality traffic good interface.

Three: Search 123 - One of the first search engines. Cost effective, good support. Fund with $50, they'll give you Free $20.

Four: SearchFeed - Strong return on investment, reasonable search volume. Geographical targeting available with 11 countries

Five: ABCSearch - Solid targeting, decent traffic sources, good customer service. Will match your initial deposit up to $100

You should also consider Yahoo Search Marketing that offers PPC advertising in the Yahoo network and Yahoo Search Engines. They even offer a Free $25 Coupon for you to start your PPC campaigns. You can find out if the coupon is still available, go to or Yahoo Search Marketing Coupon

For the best MLM opportunity online, read more about Global Domains International Inc and how to successfully promote GDI at where you can download a Free network marketing report and useful softwares to promote your GDI business.

If you are not a member yet, you can try out the system FREE as they have a 7 days FREE trial offer with no obligations to continue. This is your opportunity to your own Residual Passive Income

Get-Paid-To Programs for WAHM's

get paid to take online surveys

One of ways WAHMs make money from home is by using "Get paid to" programs. If you’ve been looking for a work at home job, you’ve no doubt run across ads that claim that you can make money by reading e-mails, get paid to take online surveys, and trying free samples. The good news is many Wahms make money doing those exact things. The bad news is that this particular industry is rife with scammers. If you are interested in getting involved with GPT programs, you’ll have to do your homework and take special precautions to protect yourself and your computer.

Few people actually make any significant money from GPT type programs. At best, GPT should be used as a supplemental income. Get paid to programs is an easy way to make the extra cash when required for busy WAHM's. People who have experience with the programs recommend that you never rely on GPT to pay your monthly bills. But they can be a perfect solution to earn money for a special occasion or holiday shopping.

Just what are GPT programs? They fall into three basic categories: get paid to read e-mail, earn money taking online surveys and get paid to try products. Every program has different pros and cons. Before you start any GPT program, you should take some steps to protect your personal information. You will be required to give your personal information for many of these programs and the less you actually say about yourself the better.

You will be paid pennies for clicking on links for the email programs. Normally these e-mails offer special deals on products or encourage you to sign up for programs. Sometimes, depending on the e-mail program, you will get more money or “points” if you try the offer. You are not obligated to try the offers, and will get paid a small amount just for clicking on the link inside of the e-mail. There are many popular paid e-mail companies. Do some research before you sign up for a program to make sure that people are actually getting paid. Try not to sign up for too many programs at once or your GPT e-mail address will be swamped.

Getting paid to make money taking surveys works in a similar way. You will sign up for a survey program and then fill out some personal information. You will be asked to complete surveys using your opinion of people in your age bracket. Depending on the company, you will get paid per survey, or completing surveys will earn you points that can later be redeemed. Just as with get paid to read e-mail programs, do research on survey companies before you sign up. Out of the hundreds available, only a select few are worth the time.

Finally there are get paid to try products programs. These programs pay significantly more than the other GPT programs. However, you will be required to pay anywhere from $1 to $10 to try the products. When you use these kinds of programs, you have to be careful to take complete records of what you will be receiving and when you need to cancel service or return the item. Most of the time you will be registered for recurring billing for a monthly service, which can be cancelled within the initial 7 to 14 days. You can call the companies and cancel the service, yet still be paid for signing up for the GPT program.

Remember that GPT programs are a great way to supplement income but are not something to be relied on for monthly bills.

Need eMail Faxing? Try myfax

Everyone knows that a fax machine is a great way to send paperwork from one person to another via the telephone lines. Faxes are a quick, convenient, and fairly widespread form of communication. But not everybody wants, or needs, the hassle of owning a fax machine.

Owning a fax machine can be a real pain. They have to be connected to a dedicated telephone line if you want to be ready to receive faxes at all times. Then you need a place to store the machine, and you have to worry about making sure it continues to work. Owning a traditional fax machine can be something that most people don't want to have in their lives.

Fortunately, there is some great news for those that do not want to own a fax machine, but need to send or receive faxes. Web faxing allows you the capability of a traditional fax machine, but does not require a fax machine or a dedicated phone line. You send and receive faxes via the Internet, with a dedicated phone number, which is always available.

There are several companies that offer Internet faxing, and one of the better ones is myfax online faxing. Myfax offers a service that turns any online computer into a fully functioning fax machine. You receive faxes via an email attachment, or by logging onto the myfax online website. You then can send a fax using email, any Microsoft Office application, or via the myfax online website.

Internet faxes with myfax Internet faxing is very cost effective, with plans starting at just $7.99 monthly. With myfax, you are given the choice of having either a toll-free or local telephone number which is used to receive faxes, and any computer can be used when it is time to send a fax.

If you ever have found yourself wishing you could send or receive a fax, but you cannot defend owning a fax machine, myfax may just be the answer for you. Myfax offers a free 30-day trial of their Internet fax service, which allows you to see if Internet faxing is the solution you are looking for.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

RingCentral's Virtual Office Phone Service

Making it easy for your customers to reach you is vitally important to any business. A key part of being reachable is having a powerful business phone service.

A virtual auto attendant is really the best solution to the small business owner's business telephone system needs. By incorporating advanced communication features, a PBX service makes the business owner's telephone system act like that of a much larger company.

The number one small business PBX phone service is RingCentral. As an online, very affordable small business phone and fax service, RingCentral gives you edge communication features within grasp of the average entrepreneur.

RingCentral PBX service needs no special hardware or phone lines. By using your existing phone lines, RingCentral is very easy to setup and requires no expensive setup fees. To use the RingCentral service, all a business needs is just one working telephone.

Your small business easily distinguishes itself apart from the competition by combining the RingCentral leading-edge call management services with either a local or toll free main phone number. A client or customer dials one main number for your small business, and is then routed to the necessary phone line using the feature-rich home PBX service.

Regardless of the number of employees your small business has, or where they are located in the world, the RingCentral small business PBX service allows your customers to call one phone number and be able to reach anybody in your company.

Cutting-edge telecommunication features come included with most RingCentral service plans. These include a virtual receptionist, dial-by-name directory, call screening, Internet faxing with a dedicated phone number, voicemail with email delivery, plus many, many more features.

With RingCentral small business PBX service, your current business phone service is turned into an unstoppable sales machine. Unleash the potential of your existing small business phone service by giving RingCentral virtual office phone a try with their worry free 30-day trial. Your business, and employees, will be thanking you.

Using Logoworks for Corporate Logo Design

Logos are used by most companies to identify their brand from the competition. When a logo is correctly designed, it can cause a person to instantly recognize the company behind the logo. Ensuring that you have a logo that truly represents your company is essential to the longevity of your business.

Not that long ago, if a small business wanted to get a professionally designed logo created for their company, they would have to spend thousands of dollars to have a logo design company make custom logos. Luckily, that is not the case anymore, with the advent of the online logo design company.

Logoworks is a leader when it comes to Internet logo design firms. They are a division of HP, and they have the resources and capability to design a truly unique, one of a kind logo for your company.

With pricing for custom logos starting at the reasonable price of $299, there is not a company with a decent reason why they don’t currently have a uniquely designed logo to represent their company. When you use Logoworks, you are provided an initial set of unique logo concepts for you to start with, from which you decide which design you wish to proceed with. Once the decision is made, the unique logo concept is updated and you end up with a unique logo made just for your business.

The great thing about choosing Logoworks is that you have the ability to actually pick up the phone and discuss your logo design with them. Many businesses that provide custom logo design services do not allow you to actually discuss your design with somebody, so you only can deal with them via email.

Provided your small business doesn't currently have a custom designed logo, then you should take a hard look at Logoworks design company to see if they have a custom design package that fits the needs of your business. Custom logos will set your company apart from those you compete with and you will receive much more in benefits than what the logo ended up costing you.

Credit Cards for Your Business

As a small business owner, you have many varying financial issues you are faced with. Probably the most important of these is keeping your business and personal expenses completely separated from each other.

The simplest way of keeping your business and personal funds completely separate is by having both a bank account for your small business and a credit card for your business. Obviously, these small business accounts will only be used for business purposes, and your personal accounts will not be used for business. This keeps your tax professional and the taxman off your back.

An integral part of your business finances is having a credit card for your small business. Typically, a small business owner will use their credit card on a fairy regular basis. From business travel, to buying lunch for employees, a credit card is a necessity.

There are many choices when it is time to picking a credit card for your small business. It seems like just about every financial institution offers a credit card to consumers, it is slightly more limited when it comes to business credit cards. If you are looking for a low interest business credit card offer, there are several good ones to choose from.

Dealing with a bank that meets the needs of the business owner is the smart choice when it comes to choosing what business credit card to choose. You want to use a small business credit card that is issued by a financial institution who understands the requirements of the small business owner.

Thankfully, there are several reputable banks that issue a business credit card. For instance, if you went with a Citi Business card offer, you would be dealing with a banking entity that caters to the small business professional.

While it is very important to have a credit card for your business, it is just as important to pick the correct bank to issue your business credit card. Choosing the right business credit card will help you with on a path lined with entrepreneurial financial success.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Small Business Phone Service

Giving your customers a way to easily communicate with you is a vital part to owning running a business. Telephones are still the most common and most used form of communication in business today. Can your existing business phone service do more for your company?

Allowing your current small business phone service to do more for your company is all that a small business PBX service is about. Utilizing your existing small business phone service, a small business PBX phone system super-charges your most basic form of communication.

A business PBX service makes your existing company phone service behave like that of a much larger business. If you have ever called a larger company that has an virtual phone system that answers your call and lets you pick an employee or department to be connected with, then you know exactly what a business PBX will do for your company.

With a phone auto attendant service, you can have either a local or toll-free phone number that is the main telephone number for your company. When a customer calls this phone number, they are greeted by your auto attendant and given the choice of where their call should be routed.

You have full and complete control of incoming phone calls routing. The beauty of a small business PBX service is that incoming phone calls can be sent to any phone in the world, all it needs is a dial tone. So you can be vacationing in the Bahamas and have your business calls sent to your cell phone.

With service plans starting at under $10 per month, you cannot afford to not have a business PBX service for your company. Two of the largest virtual office phone auto attendant providers are RingCentral and GotVmail. Our testing shows RingCentral to be the better service, offering the best feature set with competitive pricing and a free 30-day trial.

From powerful virtual auto attendant features, to call screening ability, to online voicemail, a small business PBX service really brings tremendous value to your current company phone service.

If your small business depends on telephone service to communicate with customers, you have to give a good look at a small business PBX service. You will be amazed at how much one of these communication services can change your current small business phone service.

New Way To Have profitable, Fully Optimized PPC Campaign The Minute It Launches

4 ways to know up front what are the best converting keywords

You can help to increase your website traffic right away.PPC advertising is becoming more and more difficult. Let us look at some unpaid modes to encourage your traffic as pay per click is the apparently usual way. Being the most apparent example, blogging can be of prime importance so if you do not already have one set one up right now at no cost. Write a post or posts using keywords from your particular topic and then use the ping services to inform everyone. These services will announce your link to many blog directories and websites. The more you do it the more will your website traffic improve but as far as an instant hit is concerned you will get it in one day.

Post on Forums - there is a forum out there for most subjects and you can usually register for free. To find good forums search on Google for your keyword plus the word forum and then take a look to see what you think. You are not allowed to blatantly promote in your forum post but if you write sensible posts, offer help and advise others as well as commenting on popular threads you are likely to get people check out your site and this can happen for free on the same day.

Article writing - for quality monitoring purposes, some article directories run through it before posting while others do not so you can find an article with a link to your site the same day. Some people may even select it to post them on their site with your resource box at the end linking them to your site.

Digg it - Digg is a great site for posting small snippets or synopsis of your blog post, article post or matter from your web site. In no time this can be found on their prestigious and highly viewed pages, once again giving a push to expand your website traffic.

Email your list - is it true that you do not have a list as yet? The astounding fact is that lots of people on the web have not done anything to make their own email list. The advantage of having a list is that it enables you to arrange previously composed messages and send out mass emails at any time calling them to visit your site and benefit from the latest special offers or suggestions and thus improve your website traffic in no time.

Joint venture - you may sometimes gain success in a day through it and sometimes not. If you receive a newsletter from another website related to your issue, try to see if you have anything interesting to offer them and their customers. Firstly this would consist of something you would add value to - a free report, a product where you barter the gain with the list owner. Traffic to their web site is increased by some people by maintaining thousands of names in their lists.

As an advertiser, you know that pay-per-click campaigns take a lot of trial and error. You set up your keywords, write your ads and track conversions until you find just the right combination that works the best.

But what if there was a way to know up front what are the best converting keywords, the best converting ads, and the best converting landig pages

Chech Out this Video


Monday, December 15, 2008

999 unique biz ops: 610-619

610. Begin a mail order business which sells books and study equipment to those interested in natural history. Choose easy biz ops…..


611. Start a company which organises business anniversary celebrations. Devise celebration packages and sell to businesses who have been trading for 1, 5, 10, 20, 21, 25, 50, 60, 75, or 100 years. Locate potential clients by searching records located at Companies House to discover when firms were formed.

612. Take an ordinary magnifying glass, package it and call it 'The Gardener's Magnifying Glass'. Distribute to hardware shops or sell by mail from ads in gardening magazines.


613. Start a modern art rental business. Rent out everything from metal sculptures to mobile art. Your potential clients will include all image conscious businesses with reception areas, courtyards or forecourts.


614. Begin a business which organises specialist adventure holidays for women. The holidays should be designed to help women develop their skills and abilities related to: management, persuasiveness, problem solving, leadership, creative thinking, etc.


615. Start a central membership agency for joining fan clubs. Persuade established fan clubs to become part of your scheme. Recruit people by advertising in numerous pop and rock publications. You take a commission on all membership fees. 

Biz ops can be huge…..

616. Become an importer and distributor of car accessories. Conduct thorough research in countries throughout the world to find car accessories not readily available here.


617. Call on regular clients once every eight weeks to sell cosmetics. The cosmetics should have a special feature, for example, they do not involve cruelty to animals, or are based on herbs.


618. Design and manufacture kits for making unusual furniture. For example: tables that hang from the ceiling, chairs with odd shapes, stylistic plant stands, etc. Produce a catalogue about your product and start a mail order business. 


619. Start a newsletter on how to get a better job. Provide subscribers with advice on where to look, completing application forms, interview techniques, C.V. preparation, etc. The competitive nature of the job market means that the extra advice provided by your newsletter could make all the difference to a job applicants success.

Still need some biz ops……

real estate

heath ledger

cheap concert tickets

999 easy biz ops: 630-639

You don't dare click here.....

630. Begin a mail order business which sells a selection of products of particular interest to motorbike enthusiasts. In your catalogue include; badges, clothing, cult ornaments, etc. Advertise in motorbike magazines.


631. Sell smoke detectors door-to-door. Expand by using sales personnel to sell for you. Have you deciced on your biz ops……


632. Open your own school of drama. Prepare a simple prospectus which offers a comprehensive introduction to drama. Hold classes in a hired hall. Also visit businesses and clubs to give classes during lunch hours.


633. Bring out a series of audio cassettes or booklets which give advice about how to deal with the problems experienced by teenagers. For example: the search for identity and career choices. Aim style and contents at either the teenagers themselves or at parents. 


634. Set up a health food catering service. Do the catering at a wide range of occasions such as private parties, business functions, weddings, etc. Advertise in health food shop notice boards and send copies of your menu to businesses.


635. Place small ads in various overseas business and trade magazines which read 'I want to buy adult X-rated products suitable for selling by mail order'. 


636. Start a school of psychic phenomena and the unknown. Offer potential students easy-to-do postal courses on subjects such as UFO's, sea monsters, ghosts, etc. Advertise in a wide range of publications.

Biz ops can be huge…..


637. If you live near a port or marina. Start and operate a boat and yacht valeting service. Seek expert advice from someone knowledgeable about boating or yachting and what is involved in marine valeting. 


638. Frame and label samples of many different metals. At a glance the physical appearance of different metals can be compared. Sell by direct mail to engineering companies, scientists, schools and metalwork hobbyists.


639. Hire out brassware for decorating the reception areas of businesses such as pubs, hotels, restaurants, hair salons, offices, etc. Also, some custom might come from householders who are keen on brassware. Still need some biz ops……

gas prices

bill gates

jessica simpson


999 easy to start biz ops: 640-649

You don't dare click here.....


641. In districts with numerous offices, factories or shops, organise an after work dating service. Send leaflets about your service and membership application forms to all the work places in a district. 


642. Begin a mail order business which serves those interested in gold prospecting. Sell equipment, supplies and books. Also publish your own guide to digging for gold in: Wales, USA, Australia, Canada and South America.


643. Produce a series of booklets about how to buy and run various types of shops. Each booklet might cover a shop such as a newsagent, greengrocer, village shop, post office, etc. Place classified ads in newspapers and magazines which advertise shops for sale and sell your booklets by mail. Looking for biz ops…..



644. Commission the drawing of political cartoons which have an anti-establishment theme. Have these printed on postcards or posters and sell through shops popular with young adults. 



645. Design and produce craft kits for making ornaments or relief pictures with ball bearings. Get these stocked in shops or advertise in crafts magazines.


646. Be a home-visiting pre-school teacher. Your task is to prepare children for a successful start at school.


647. Buy a candyfloss making machine. Sell your candyfloss from a site where there is a continuous flow of people who are enjoying their leisure.

  Start a second-hand art bookstall and take it to antique markets or fairs. Obtain your stock by placing ads in art or book collectors magazines. State that you wish to buy collections of second-hand art books. 


648. Design a range of blank achievement certificates for use by sports clubs and schools. Have them printed and sell by direct mail.


649. Hand paint nostalgic scenes and old advertisements on mirrors. Sell through gift shops or from a market stall. Biz ops are all over the place……




640. Do bottle art. Paint local scenery and other artistic images on the exterior of tiny bottles. Sell as souvenirs or ornaments. Have you deciced on your biz ops……

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

999 business ideas: 890-899

890. Design and make, or import, kimonos. Sell by post or get them stocked at suitable retailers. 


891. Start a mail order business which sells started kits for being an amateur musician. Put the kits together from products which are already on the market.


892. Begin a business which makes cushions of unusual shapes. For example: star shaped, heart shaped, horseshoe shaped, or round with a hole in the middle. 


893. Use the craft of embroidery to make attractive A-Z index cards. Instead of printed cards marked with

letters of the alphabet, you make the letters with embroidery. A card index system can now look luxurious. Package the cards and get them stocked at bookshops and stationers. 


894. Make either, commemorative wall-hanging tapestries or reproduce parts of the Bayeux tapestry. Use press advertising to sell these as highly collectible artefacts. 


895. Hire a hall at a city centre location - Saturday would be the best day - and sell women's clothes at low prices.


896. In a tourist area open a market stall where you can print personalised T-shirts on the spot. Or start a mail order service which prints personalised T-shirts. If screen printing is used all the equipment can be made at home. Obtain and read books about screenprinting to get the know-how.


897. Start a postal service which hires out children's educational videos. A selection of videos should be offered for each age group. Produce a catalogue about your videos and advertise your rental service in a wide range of publications.


898. Bring out a product which consists of lots of small coloured wooden cubes. These can be used over and over again to make mosaics. Have this product stocked at shops or sell by mail order. 


899. Design and make kits for making soft toy dolls. Place ads in craft magazines and sell by mail order.

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Work at Home Schemes

Work at Home Schemes

Majority of the people on the Internet are all claiming one thing: That you get the best out of work at home schemes if you offer your own product or service. And it’s the truth. Having your own product and service and offering them up for sale is the best way for you to keep 100% of the profits.

But wait!

Before you venture out and start putting your work at home schemes to work, you do need to do a little of research, starting with your target market size, then branching out to your competitors and the pricing methods available for the type of product or service that you intend to offer.

eBook are considered trendy these days. And thus, the most common product that people develop for their work at home schemes are ebooks. You may also know them as info products, a name by which they are more commonly known for. The things that you write in your ebook are based on the experience that you have accumulated over the years. You may have acquired your experience through your previous jobs. You may also have gained some experience from your hobbies. Once you have focused your experiences, you will then convert them into writings.

Each person has a set of special skills, things that he or she can do better than the rest. You can bank on these special skills for your work at home schemes. These skills may be further developed and your knowledge base may be further increased in order to further expand the scope of your work at home schemes. This is possible through further education, or even self-education in order to create the work at home schemes that fit your particular set of skills.

Your work at home schemes does not necessarily have to be truly unique. In fact, you will find that many new home businesses and work at home schemes are created not by developing new products or services by improving something that already exists. The innovator may be lauded and recognized for coming up with a new product. However, he or she many not always know how to market or sell such a product to the market. This subsequently gives way to businessmen and women, such as yourself, who can successfully re-launch the same product after adding a few improvements. Thus, all you really need in order for your work at home schemes to click with the masses is an eye that can see the mistakes that have been made with the previous product and a good business sense to capitalize on it.

If you need a solid example, let’s take the movie industry for instance. The movies these days are all about repackaging. Rarely can you find good films that are banked on a sole idea that is totally fresh and never been done before. The most you’re going to get is a little bit of that old movie here, a dash of this, and a hint of that. Nothing is really new but by developing and improving on a few things, you can still appeal to the movies consumers.

The same can be said of work at home schemes. Instead of spending time trying to find some brand new idea, you can spend it on improving an existing idea for your work at home schemes. After all, the most important criteria for work at home scheme is not about novelty or even uniqueness. It is about trying to find a NEED which your work at home schemes can fulfill.

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Work at Home Stuffing Envelopes

Work at Home Stuffing Envelopes

Stuffing envelopes as a work at home job is probably one of the oldest scams out there. It’s been around for years and thousands of moms have been scammed into sending money to some anonymous work at home company who claim to help them make money by stuffing envelopes.

The ads say that it’s all so easy. All you have got to do in this work at home opportunity is pay the company who’s running the ad. And in exchange, they will then send you a list of companies who need people who’ll be stuffing envelopes with their promotional material, invoices, and whatever else is there. Because it sounds so good and the money certainly isn’t something to spit on, you do it.

However, once you do, you’re in for a disappointment because this isn’t what work at home stuffing envelopes scams do. Once you send in your cash, all you’ll get is information on how to place more ads that are similar to the one you responded to. You thus become an unwitting participant in the work at home scam, deceiving other people out of their hard-earned money.

But, what if you really want a work at home job stuffing envelopes? Is there any chance that it could work? More importantly, does it pay good money? We only got three words for you: Direct Mail Services.

We’re sure you’re familiar with the term. It’s that type of business where you stuff envelopes with promotional materials from a company and send it out to hundreds of people whom you’d like to target as possible costumers. Now, don’t expect anyone to start dropping off boxes of envelopes and inserts and pay you a huge fee to put them together. Nah-uh. This whole stuffing envelope work at home business works if you offer total service packages, otherwise known as Direct Mail Services.

So how does a Direct Mail Service Business work? And how is it a good option for a work at home career?

A direct mail service business is a type of work at home business where you offer to take a way a portion of the nuisance work for your client. The idea is much the same as when a business owner would hire an accountant to do all the accounting logs for him. With work at home stuffing envelopes, companies will hire businesses such as yours to handle this kind of work. So direct mailing or stuffing envelope therefore is just taking away the mailing responsibilities of your client so they can focus more on running their business.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

999 new biz ops: 660-669

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660. Set up a business which organises weight loss holidays. These holidays are not on health farms but consist of long distance walking, diet instruction, and discussion amongst participants. A person who wants to lose weight goes on a two or four week holiday which would consist of walking for most of the day, following a strict diet and evenings of discussion groups. Choose easy biz ops.


661. Design and make a selection of lucky charm key-rings. For example, make a key-ring fob which is a wooden or metal number seven or four-leaf clover. Mount them on a rack and have them stocked at suitable retailers.


662. Organise the production and distribution of souvenir potted plant holders. These plant holders should appeal to the same people who buy souvenir trays. 


663. Sell a wide range of postcards and souvenirs from a roadside stall.


664. Produce novelty car stickers which feature a big 'X' stamped across pictures of traffic wardens, policemen, or cars. They are designed to be stuck to cars in the fashion of fighter planes to show enemy aeroplanes destroyed. They are for amusement only and should appeal to a wide range of drivers.


665. Build elaborate sand-castles or sand sculptures at the seaside and accept donations from those who want to show appreciation of your work.  Biz ops are all over the place.


666. Begin a service which helps car owners to sell their cars. You would have around twenty sites at newsagents, barbers, supermarkets, etc, where details of the cars are displayed. A car owner pays you, for example, £20, half goes to you and half to the site owners.


667. Start a fortune telling gift service for new born babies. When a baby is born a fortune-teller provides a written statement about their future. Such a statement would make an ideal birth gift. Advertise in the classified columnist of a variety of publications. 


668. Bring out a selection of baseball caps which are printed with the names of popular sports teams. Distribute to sports shops, gift shops and sell by mail order. 


669. Design, produce and distribute tie clips which have a theme related to astrology, football, a holiday resort, etc. Biz ops can be huge.

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999 newbie biz ops: 670-679

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670. Set up a business which teaches languages by post. The courses might consist of both audio cassettes for learning to speak and written material for learning to write the language. Choose easy biz ops.

671. Bring out a correspondence course about creative thinking and attract students by advertising in national newspapers and magazines. The ads might have a headline like 'Do people say you lack imagination?', or 'The amount of money you make is limited only by your imagination'.


672. Put together an audio cassette course about how to be a successful disc jockey. Sell from ads in music publications and have it stocked in record shops. 


673. Produce a series of biographical audio cassettes about well-known businesspeople. Bring out a catalogue and send it to business and professional people. Or start a monthly club where a subscriber receives a different cassette every month. Biz ops are all over the place.


674. Give private tuition about how to make money. The tuition might be about making money from business and investments. You might, for example, use some of the ideas listed in this selection as worthwhile money-makers. Prepare lesson plans on the subjects you wish to cover and teach a set course. 


675. Start a mail order business which sells paper and card products to photographers. For example, sell stationery with a photographic theme, cardboard frames in bulk at a discount price,  printed paper with frames for planning photograph collections, paper supplies for processing, etc.


676. Research, write and produce a manual or correspondence course about 'How to start your own holiday organising business'. This might cover everything from organising walking holidays to conventional sightseeing holidays. Sell to opportunity seekers.


677. Organise holidays for people at American farms and ranches. First advertise in the States for farmers and ranch owners who want to have paying guests. Then advertise in a variety of publications in this country for clients. 


678. Begin a mail order business which sells things related to cult figures such as Nicola Tesla, L. Ron Hubbard, Leonardo Da Vinci, John Lennon, James Dean, etc. Sell things such as press cuttings, photographs, audio cassettes, books, etc. 


679. Design and make novelty soft toys and caps. For example, a soft toy sledgehammer is attached to a cap so that it looks like it is embedded. Also make hats with antennae and horns. Biz ops can be huge.

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999 business ideas: 709-719

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710. Start a service which finds companions for those who want to go on cycling or hiking holidays. Advertise in publications for cyclists or hikers.


711. Take suitable sea-shells and sell them as sleep shells. Those who have difficulty in sleeping at night listen to a sleep shell. The soothing sound of the sea will aid sleep.


712. Turn large sea-shells into money boxes. Cut a slot in the shells for inserting coins and add an opening for extracting the money and block it with removable cork. These are sold as ornaments and as money boxes.


713. Create a mail order business which sells matchboxes and labels to collectors. Collectors automatically receive the latest matchboxes each month. Alternatively you might put together a catalogue of old and rare matchboxes. 


714. Organize overseas information about gathering tours for business people. These might be for those who want to look at an overseas market or who sometimes want to visit similar businesses to their own in other countries. For example, consultants in this country can visit their foreign counterparts. 


715. Do your own research to discover ghost stories from your region. Record the best stories on audio tape. Have the cassettes duplicated and labelled and distribute to shops throughout the region covered.


716. Start a business which organises cricket holidays and weekend breaks. During these breaks arrange for guests to receive tuition from a professional cricketer.  


717. Organise bridge holidays and weekend breaks. 


718. Set up a quiz games postal club. Club members compete against each other to win quizzes through the mail. The quizzes could be published in a regular newsletter which would also give the answers to the previous newsletters quiz(zes).


719. Invent and make wooden 2-D and 3-D executive puzzles. For example: 3-D puzzles which have lots of interlocking pieces. Have them stocked at gift shops and stationers. 

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

999 money biz ops: 830-839

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830. Use sea-shells to make a range of jewelry, including sea-shell brooches, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Place these on racks and have them stocked at suitable shops.

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831. Cut chess pieces into slices and use them to make earrings, necklaces and key-ring fobs. Sell at craftwork markets and fairs. 


832. Begin a direct mail or mail order business which sells crafts books to craft workers. Buy books from publishers, buy manuscripts from authors and publish these yourself, or write a craft book which has universal appeal and sell this.


833. There seems to be an insatiable demand for quality, novel or inexpensive clocks. If you want to start an import business, this would be a suitable area to try.

834. Begin a business which produces a syndicated mail order catalogue. Most catalogues consist of the goods of one firm. A syndicated catalogue could have details of products from hundreds of suppliers. 


835. Become a street handbag polisher. This service is similar to a street shoeshine, except handbags are polished. Also offer to polish leather clothes, such as jackets and coats.


836. If you are physically attractive, become a freelance escort. Place adverts in local papers which state you will accompany an unattached person to social or business functions. 


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837. In a large city operate a telephone information service for amateur photographers. Photographers who subscribe to your service can telephone you to get a list of today’s photo opportunities. For example: a film star arriving at an airport and a record breaking attempt.


838. Set up a mail order business which sells kits for making leather products. For example, kits for wallets, chequebook covers and pension book covers. Design and manufacture the kits yourself and produce a catalogue. 


839. Put together a correspondence course about palmistry. Sell from ads in astrology magazines. One attraction of the course is that the palmist skills learned could be used to make money.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

999 business ideas: 760-769

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760. Cut divining rods for selling by mail order to gardeners and curiosity seekers. A divining rod would also make an interesting and unusual gift. 

 761. Be a family relations consultant. Give advice about how to improve relationships with family members. If you can provide a satisfactory standard of advice your local area should provide you with enough business. 

762. Start an enterprise which makes airport type wind-socks in miniature for ordinary gardens. Distribute these to hardware shops and garden centres or sell by mail order from ads in gardening publications. 


763. Produce a selection of small posters of dogs and cats. Have these stocked at pet shops and gifts shops. For example, at pet shops have a sample of each poster covered by a transparent plastic. Hang these from a rack and have the saleable posters in rolls in a basket underneath. 


764. Make candid videos of weddings. Candid videos provide a fascinating, more accurate record of a wedding. Copies can be duplicated and sold to family members. Also do candid videos of parties, promotions, day trips and other special occasions.


765. Produce a selection of key-rings which have unusual fobs. For example the fobs might be made from: large flat sea-shells, large foreign coins, circles cut from old LPs, fossils, slate, etc. Sell from a stall at crafts fairs and flea markets. 


766. Organise theme parties for children and teenagers. You supply the party-goers with simple costumes, food and entertainment. Each party might be related to a popular theme such as science fiction, pirates, witches and wizards, Wild West, etc. 


767. Invent ideas for practical jokes. Sell these by either producing a regular newsletter or, a directory of jokes for different occasions. You might also set up a national practical jokes club. 


768. Deal in butterflies and sell to collectors by post. Obtain stock by advertising your interest in buying butterfly collections in collectors magazines.


769. Begin a business which produces horror novelty wall-hangings. For example, a framed picture which has the picture itself covered by a sliding or hinged door. The door can be opened to reveal a scary scene. Another example would be a wall mirror with the faint face of a ghost peering out. 

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999 business ideas: 730-739

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730. Bring out a card index box which has reprinted cards for holding different kinds of information. This is a card index version of personal organisers, instead of carrying around a pocket folder of information, everything is held on pre-printed cards in a desktop card index box.


731. Design and organize the production of stop smoking penalty boxes. Every time a person smokes, he or she pays a fine. Pay a plastics injecting mouldings firm to manufacture the boxes. Distribute the finished plastic boxes to wholesalers and a wide range of retailers. 

732. Make good, old-fashioned wooden tool carriers of some sort and have them stocked at hardware shops and tool shops. Or produce kits for making tool carriers and sell by mail order from ads in DIY magazines. 


733. Produce and distribute a selection of ashtrays which feature the face of a hated person. Every time a smoker finishes a cigarette they stub it out in the face of the hated person. 


734. Make leather folders for salespeople to use when making presentations. Have these stocked at stationers or produce a catalogue about your range of folders and send it to businesses. 


735. During the Christmas period, sell holly and mistletoe door-to-door.


736. Put together a home study course about theatrical directing. Call this business a postal drama school. Students will include: amateur drama directors, professional actors and other theatre enthusiasts. 


737. Write and publish a manual which is about how to start and organise your own football team. Sell from ads in football magazines and programmes. 


738. Set up a window cleaning round and employ students and other young people to do the work. Build up lots of individual rounds and employ a person for each one.


739. Place classified ads in newspapers which read: 'Anything bought, Cash paid' or 'Houses cleared'. Make money from reselling what you pick up.

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999 business ideas: 720-729

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720. If you live in a busy road and you are at home all day, place a good looking sign outside you house stating that you do car washing and polishing. Also advertise that you give a personal service and that car owners can call at your house any time. 


721. Design and have printed novelty joke licences. Each licence has a space for a name to be added. The licence may state that the named person is: a genius, certified insane, international sex maniac, etc. Distribute to shops which sell souvenirs, jokes and gifts. 


722. Organise the production of photographic business cards and sell these direct to businesspeople. You might also produce blank photographic business cards for printers. For example a card features a photograph which is representative of a trade; a printer would print personal details next to the picture. 


723. Put together a home study course about the technical aspects of film making. This course might be the cornerstone of your own postal film school. Sell from ads in film magazines. 


724. Seek out as many recipes as you can for nougat. Devise, with the help of these, your own brand of delicious nougat. Have sizeable quantities made and sell from a stall or get it stocked at shops.


725. Frame photographs of well known boxers. Get these stocked at sports shops or sell by mail order from ads in boxing and sports papers and magazines. 


726. Bring out X-rated cardboard cut-outs of female or male models. Sell by mail order from ads in adult magazines. 


727. Design souvenir badges which read 'I've been to (name of town)' or 'I love .........'. Pay to have your badges professionally made. Arrange for shops in the named town to stock these badges.


728. Each month produce and interesting lecture on audio cassette. Sell these through a monthly club. The subjects should be something which appeals to an established market such as science fiction fans, business opportunity seekers or sales people.


729. Start a private school for florists. Provide courses for those who want to either set up in business or want to get a job as a florist. Advertise in women's magazines. 

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

999 business ideas: 690-699

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690. Design garden ornaments which create special effects on mid-summer's day. Start a business which builds and sells your designs. You might, for example, advertise in occult publications. 


691. Begin a lesson of the month club for those who want to learn the principles of management. Each lesson takes the form of a newsletter. The lessons are strung together to make a complete management course.


692. Devise your own brand of Bombay mix snack. Set up a business which makes and packages the snack. Sell through newsagents and grocers. 


693. Design and produce a selection of amusing 'Keep Your Distance' car bumper stickers. For example: 'Keep your distance, or we might meet by accident', or 'Keep car mechanics poor, keep your distance'. Have them stocked at car accessory shops and service stations. 


694. Put together a hamper of Christmas decorations. In each hamper include all the decorations needed to completely decorate a room of average size. The packaging might include a picture of a room which shows where each of the

decorations might go.


695. Bring out an audio cassette course about how to be assertive at home and at work. Use direct mail to sell the course to businesspeople and opportunity seekers.


696. Use unusual materials to make names of football teams for hanging on walls. For example they might be made from lines of studs on leather. Sell from ads in football magazines and programmes. 


697. Bring together a selection of products related to chess. For example: books, ornaments, framed prints, chess playing accessories, etc. Produce a catalogue and sell by mail order. 


698. Design and make a selection of baby christening outfits. Sell the outfits by mail order or through shops which sell children's clothes. 


699. Use leather to make key-ring fobs. Burn designs or put studs into the fobs and add a key-ring. Sell from a stall or find suitable retail outlets. 

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999 business ideas: 700-709

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700. Make kites which feature Union Jacks, Stars and Stripes or the colours of popular football teams. Package and have stocked at suitable retailers. 


701. Open a market stall which sells hats and other headgear. Your stock will include: ladies hats, scarves, men's caps and Balaclava helmets. 


702. Start a firm which designs and manufactures notice boards for the home and office. These might have a special feature, for example, cover the boards with a fabric which has an exotic design or make boards which have an unusual shape.


703. Produce a correspondence course about how to design saleable knitting patterns. The main market for this would be people who want to design knitting patterns for profit rather than for enjoyment. 


704. Take everyday objects such as clocks, water taps and calculators. Remove the outer casing and mount them to make educational aids or ornaments. Also you might label the most important parts of each object.


705. Recreate classic chess games on video. Start a business which hires and sells these to chess enthusiasts. Set up a mail order business which sells books and products related to ventriloquism. Produce booklets and cassettes which give instructions about ventriloquism and ideas for stage acts. Also sell props and dummies.


706. Start a miniature brassware ornament of the month club. Or produce a mail order catalogue which has a very wide range of brass ornaments. 


707. Bring out a correspondence course about how to compose and write hymns. Advertise in the religious press. Also arrange for agents in foreign countries to sell the course.


708. Produce an encyclopaedia of self-improvement on audio cassettes. This should cover all subjects related to self-improvement and might be 20-50 cassettes in length. Sell in monthly instalments or as a complete course. 


709. Set up a market stall at a tourist town which sells all kinds of belts from the highly fashionable to the personalised. 

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999 business ideas: 770-779

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770. Compile a guide to educational and leisure holiday courses. Have this published in book form and sell by mail order and through bookshops. This has the potential for a successful annual publication. 


771. Start a mail order firm which sells live insects, insectaria and other products related to keeping and breeding insects. Advice might also be given on what insects to keep. Your service might be called 'Select an Insect'. Also publish a newsletter with a title like 'Insect Keeper'. 


772. Design and produce a stock market investors log book. The purpose of this log book is to record and chart: the prices of individual shares, purchases, sales, dealing costs, profits and losses. Sell by mail order and direct mail to investors.


773. Produce a series of audio cassettes which contain quotes from the bible. The quotes on each cassette might be selected according to a theme. For example: How to meet bereavement and sorrow, how to meet the challenges of everyday life, and how to live in harmony with others. 


774. Design and produce animation kits for amateur film makers, each kit consists of numerous paper characters with moveable joints and a selection of background scenery. An amateur film maker can use a kit to make hobby and animation films. A kit might have, for example, a Wild West theme.

775. Pay a taxidermist to prepare, stuff and mount fish. Produce a mail order catalogue about your mounted fish. Advertise in angling publications. Also sell through gift shops and fishing tackle shops.


776. Start a mail order business which sells a wide range of dog products, for example: kennels, muzzles, shampoos, collars, ornaments, etc, all with a canine theme. 


777. Develop your dog grooming skills to a professional standard and open your own dog grooming parlour.


778. Use leather to make your own brand of top quality dog collars and leads. 


779. Become a pets portrait photographer. You have to prove to potential customers that your portraits are far superior to any amateur photographs. This can be done by displaying your work on a stall in a public place and selling your service to people who take an interest in your work. 

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

999 business ideas: 930-939

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930. Start a service which commissions artists to do drawings of business premises or private residences. Also arrange for the drawings to be reproduced on: stationery, postcards, calendars, business cards, etc. Advertise in business publications and also do work for established printers.


931. Manufacture marbles draughts sets. Instead of a checkerboard there is a wooden board with 64 round holes. The holes become the squares of the draughtboard and the marbles sit in them. Each side has marbles of a different colour and some extra colours to use as 'kings'.


932. Produce a series of booklets or audio cassettes about ideas for saving a variety of things. For example: 'Ideas for Saving Money', 'Ideas for Saving Time', 'Ideas for Saving You the Trouble of Dieting', etc. Sell by mail order as a complete set.


933. Produce a correspondence course about cartooning. Pay a skilled cartoonist to devise the course. 


934. If you have the artistic ability to become a cartoon caricaturist, earn money from doing amusing portraits at a thoroughfare of a shopping or tourist area. Or do caricatures outside football grounds on match day, at festivals, concerts, exhibitions, etc.


935. Compile and publish a year-book or 'Yellow Pages' type directory for those who want to start a business. In the directory list, for example: sources of finance, small business advisers, franchise companies, etc. Also sell advertising space to business opportunities promoters.


936. Learn the art of calligraphy. When you become a skilled calligrapher earn money from teaching others in your own home or at evening class.


937. Start a home party hire service. The hosts of children's and adults' parties hire from you: chairs, tables, cutlery, plates, glasses, barbecues, etc. Advertise your service either in local newspapers or newsagents windows. Provide a free delivery service.


938. Provide a sales service for oil-painters. Sell the work of artists by finding outlets and take a commission on all sales. Outlets might include: antiques shops, gift shops, private art exhibitions, overseas shops, etc. 


939. Bring out a selection of posters which are packed with biblical quotes. Sell these through religious bookshops and by post to schools and practicing Christians.

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999 business ideas: 980-989

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980. Package freshly or specially hardened conkers and sell through newsagents and toy shops. Each pack might contain 4-6 conkers.


981. Set up and organise a home-visiting massage service. Your business would find work for experienced masseurs and masseuses. Get custom by placing ads in local newspapers and notices in the windows of local newsagents.


982. Open a press cutting research service for stock market investors. Read the daily papers and make a note every time a public company is mentioned. When an investor requests information about a company, you photocopy all the cuttings which mention the name of that company.


983. Make up pretty bags filled with aromatic herbs which are designed for hanging around the house or in cars. Add an elastic string to each bag so that one pull will release some of the aroma into the air.


984. Set up a business which makes nightshirts and nightcaps. Have these stocked at up-market clothes retailers.


985. Be a diet consultant. Earn money from guiding people through published diets like the F-plan. Also you might buy the recommended food at trade prices and sell it to your clients. Advertise your service locally and visit the homes of clients to give private consultations. 


986. Become a make-up consultant. Advise women on what make-up suits their individual mix of: skin shade, hair and eye colours, nose and facial shape, etc. Once you have established your consultancy, make more money by teaching others to be make up consultants. 


987. Bring out a newsletter which gives amateur magicians ideas for new tricks. Also sell advertising space to firms which have products to sell to amateur magicians. 


988. Start a mail order business which sells vitamin pills. Produce a catalogue which contains a far wider range of vitamin pills than is available at shops.


989. Locate a source of fresh, pure mud and package it in specially sealed containers. Sell this by post for beauty treatment. 

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

999 business ideas: 780-789

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780. Commission artists to do original paintings of horses and horse racing. Set up a business which distributes and sells these paintings. For example your might display the paintings in a mobile showroom which visits horse events. 


781. Start a service which makes audio tape recordings of wedding ceremonies. Video cameras are either not allowed in church or produce poor pictures. However, discreet microphones can record the ceremony. Copies on cassette can be sent to friends and relatives at home and overseas. 


782. Set up a business which makes wooden dog kennels in kit form. Sell by mail order from ads in dog lovers publications or get them stocked at pets shops. 


783. With the permission of the appropriate authority, if needed, sell nuts in an open space of a city centre to passers-by and tourists for feeding the pigeons. Or, at a suitable seaside resort, sell bits of fish to holiday-makers who want to feed the seagulls. 


784. Set up an enterprise which manufactures hutches and coops for small animals, birds and poultry. Sell in kit or finished form by mail order. 


785. Produce a selection of posters which feature photographs of elaborate models. Mount these on display units and get model shops to show them.


786. Introduce a service to your area which releases lighter than air balloons at weddings, birthdays and other special occasions. Buy a cylinder of gas and turn out the balloons yourself. Offer potential clients a selection of quantities for different prices. 


787. Start a business which delivers bulky pet food direct to the public. Build up a round of regular customers. Call on houses throughout your area to sell your service. 


788. Begin a business which organises wildlife observation holidays. These might be based in a forest, for example, unspoiled coastal area or mountainous region. Produce a brochure and advertise in wildlife magazines.


789. Start a second-hand art bookstall and take it to antique markets or fairs. Obtain your stock by placing ads in art or book collectors magazines. State that you wish to buy collections of second-hand art books. 

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999 business ideas: 800-809

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800. Publish a newsletter about successful management. Aim the editorial at managers in large corporations. Each newsletter should discuss the issues relevant to the manager who wants to succeed.


801. Bring out a correspondence course which gives instruction about becoming a professional researcher. This course would appeal to those who would like a career in this field and to authors who want to do their own research. Sell from ads in literary publications. 


802. Produce bookmarkers which have attractive embroidered designs. Package them in cellophane and have them stocked at bookshops. 


803. Put together a regular publication which lists photographic equipment for sale. Your income comes from selling advertising space. 

804. Write and publish a booklet about how to cut the cost of a wedding. Alternatively write and produce a manual about how to have a big wedding on a shoestring. Have it stocked in bookshops or sell from ads in wedding magazines.


805. Design and manufacture some wooden kits for constructing model boats. Sell from ads in hobby magazines or have them stocked in modelling and crafts shops.


806. Use direct mail to sell model steam engines to engineers, doctors, scientists, company directors and other professional people.


807. Set up a mail order business which specialises in selling videos, films, photographs, posters and slides about the pop music of the 50s and60s. Use your ingenuity to find products, for example canvass picture libraries and record and film companies. 


808. Write and publish a newsletter which is devoted to profitable hobbies. The newsletter will be aimed at those who are looking for both an interesting new hobby and a way of making extra money. Asses the profit potential of a wide range of hobbies.


809. Bring out a selection of musical bookmarkers. To make the bookmarkers musical use electronic devices similar to the ones used in musical greeting cards.

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Friday, December 5, 2008

999 business ideas: 790-799

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790. Publish a newsletter for those who want to make money dealing in antiques. In the newsletter highlight trends in the antiques business, give tips and hints about finding bargains, tell subscribers how to sell for the highest prices, etc.


791. Produce and distribute a video encyclopaedia about flowers, plants, trees or birds. This should present films about your chosen subject in alphabetical order. Try to get national and international distribution organised.


792. Sell by post information and advice about antiques. Provide clients with a confidential service which identifies and values antiques from descriptions and photographs. Also give advice about care, cleaning and storage of individual items. Produce leaflets about your service. 


793. Take a course in basketry. As you develop your skill slowly begin to sell what you make. When your work reaches a high enough standard, go into business full-time.


794. Start a service which provides businesses with a security conscious paper collecting, shredding and disposal service. Have impressive leaflets printed to promote your service and send them to businesses. 


795. Create a home-based debt collections service. Get a job with a debt collection agency and learn all you can before you strike out on your own. At first specialise in one type of trade and, if successful, expand into collecting  debts for other trades. 


796. Produce a series of audio cassettes about Confucianism. Have them stocked at health food shops and bookstores. Or sell by mail order from ads in off-beat publications. 


797. Design and manufacture business maternity clothes for businesswomen. Have them stocked in maternity and other women's clothes shops and sell by mail order.


798. Make videos for people who want to sell their business. Each video is designed to show a business in its best light. In the video, interview customers, look at its standing in the community, etc. Your video should help achieve the highest possible sale price for the businesses whose sale you promote.


799. Put together a correspondence course about how to write jokes for profit. Base this on a method which is your own invention. For example, jokes are like the keys on a piano: there's a limited number but they can be played in an infinity of combinations.

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