Wednesday, December 10, 2008

999 business ideas: 760-769

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760. Cut divining rods for selling by mail order to gardeners and curiosity seekers. A divining rod would also make an interesting and unusual gift. 

 761. Be a family relations consultant. Give advice about how to improve relationships with family members. If you can provide a satisfactory standard of advice your local area should provide you with enough business. 

762. Start an enterprise which makes airport type wind-socks in miniature for ordinary gardens. Distribute these to hardware shops and garden centres or sell by mail order from ads in gardening publications. 


763. Produce a selection of small posters of dogs and cats. Have these stocked at pet shops and gifts shops. For example, at pet shops have a sample of each poster covered by a transparent plastic. Hang these from a rack and have the saleable posters in rolls in a basket underneath. 


764. Make candid videos of weddings. Candid videos provide a fascinating, more accurate record of a wedding. Copies can be duplicated and sold to family members. Also do candid videos of parties, promotions, day trips and other special occasions.


765. Produce a selection of key-rings which have unusual fobs. For example the fobs might be made from: large flat sea-shells, large foreign coins, circles cut from old LPs, fossils, slate, etc. Sell from a stall at crafts fairs and flea markets. 


766. Organise theme parties for children and teenagers. You supply the party-goers with simple costumes, food and entertainment. Each party might be related to a popular theme such as science fiction, pirates, witches and wizards, Wild West, etc. 


767. Invent ideas for practical jokes. Sell these by either producing a regular newsletter or, a directory of jokes for different occasions. You might also set up a national practical jokes club. 


768. Deal in butterflies and sell to collectors by post. Obtain stock by advertising your interest in buying butterfly collections in collectors magazines.


769. Begin a business which produces horror novelty wall-hangings. For example, a framed picture which has the picture itself covered by a sliding or hinged door. The door can be opened to reveal a scary scene. Another example would be a wall mirror with the faint face of a ghost peering out. 

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