Thursday, December 4, 2008

999 low cost biz ops: 910-919

910. Buy fantasy role-playing games from those who make up games as a hobby. Publish the games in a monthly newsletter and sell subscriptions to fantasy role-playing enthusiasts throughout the country.


911. Design and produce a selection of astrological badges for each star sign. Place these badges on cards or boards and distribute them to suitable retailers. 


912. Start an enterprise which organises trips to sports events such as boxing contests, motor racing competitions, athletics events, etc. Your service provides the tickets and the transport. You might, for example, pay a shopkeeper to open a ticket office in his or her shop on Saturdays.


913. Earn from doing artistic hedge cutting. Advertise in the local press and in newsagents windows. Build up a list of regular customers who need their artistic hedges maintained. 


914. Begin a mail order business which sells equipment and supplies for making paper at home. Use ads in craft magazines to promote this profitable hobby.


915. Start an enterprise which organises arts and crafts fairs. Find suitable venues, rent spaces to artists and craftworkers. Publicise throughout the local area.


916. Learn about the craft of making ornaments with eggshells. Make money from what you learn by bringing together a selection of supplies for selling to egg craft hobbyists.


917. Write and publish a newsletter for those who want to start a crafts business. In each issue give addresses of craftwork buyers. Also include editorial about how to develop both a successful product and a profitable business. 


918. Open a school of antique restoration. Offer potential students a choice of courses covering most aspects of restoration. Potential students will include antique collectors and dealers. Advertise in magazines about antiques.


919. Organise courses for those who would like to start their own crafts business. Offer students specialised courses about starting a soft-toy, for example, or pottery business. Hold courses at either crafts workshops or bed and breakfast houses during the off-season time.

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