Friday, December 12, 2008

999 newbie biz ops: 670-679

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670. Set up a business which teaches languages by post. The courses might consist of both audio cassettes for learning to speak and written material for learning to write the language. Choose easy biz ops.

671. Bring out a correspondence course about creative thinking and attract students by advertising in national newspapers and magazines. The ads might have a headline like 'Do people say you lack imagination?', or 'The amount of money you make is limited only by your imagination'.


672. Put together an audio cassette course about how to be a successful disc jockey. Sell from ads in music publications and have it stocked in record shops. 


673. Produce a series of biographical audio cassettes about well-known businesspeople. Bring out a catalogue and send it to business and professional people. Or start a monthly club where a subscriber receives a different cassette every month. Biz ops are all over the place.


674. Give private tuition about how to make money. The tuition might be about making money from business and investments. You might, for example, use some of the ideas listed in this selection as worthwhile money-makers. Prepare lesson plans on the subjects you wish to cover and teach a set course. 


675. Start a mail order business which sells paper and card products to photographers. For example, sell stationery with a photographic theme, cardboard frames in bulk at a discount price,  printed paper with frames for planning photograph collections, paper supplies for processing, etc.


676. Research, write and produce a manual or correspondence course about 'How to start your own holiday organising business'. This might cover everything from organising walking holidays to conventional sightseeing holidays. Sell to opportunity seekers.


677. Organise holidays for people at American farms and ranches. First advertise in the States for farmers and ranch owners who want to have paying guests. Then advertise in a variety of publications in this country for clients. 


678. Begin a mail order business which sells things related to cult figures such as Nicola Tesla, L. Ron Hubbard, Leonardo Da Vinci, John Lennon, James Dean, etc. Sell things such as press cuttings, photographs, audio cassettes, books, etc. 


679. Design and make novelty soft toys and caps. For example, a soft toy sledgehammer is attached to a cap so that it looks like it is embedded. Also make hats with antennae and horns. Biz ops can be huge.

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