Thursday, December 4, 2008

999 business ideas: 970-979

The 'CLick Here' that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE....

970. Begin a business which sells exotic plants to image conscious local businesses. Call office-to-office and offer to bring a selection of plants on a trial basis, for example 10 days, free approval without obligation.


971. Start a service which does postal auditions of voices and music. A person records his or her voice on a cassette and sends it to you. Or a group records their music. You make an assessment of the performance for a fee. Advertise your service in music publications.


972. Place advertisements in the windows of local newsagents which read 'Lawn cutting done' and state an hourly rate. When you visit customers, offer to cut their lawn on a regular basis. 


973. Form a mail order business which sells unusual plants. For example: insect eating plants. Conduct your own search for a suitable plant. Every now and again someone discovers a new, unusual plant for selling by post an makes a fair amount of money. Will you be next?


974. Set up a service which supplies sliced and seeded lemons to pubs, restaurants, night-clubs and hotels. In the course of an evening some bars use a large quantity of sliced lemons. These establishments could benefit from the convenience of having the lemons ready-sliced.


975. Start a dial-a-gardener service. A single telephone call to you will send a gardener to a customers home. Employ teenagers, students and retired people to do the gardening.


976. Earn a small regular income from renting out part of your garden to someone who wants to grow food. Thus a part of your garden will become a private allotment. 


977. Bring together a selection of the best business audio cassettes from the previous year. Start a direct mail campaign which offers these cassettes to businesspeople at a reduced rate if they buy the set.


978. Start a flowers of the week, month or quarter club. Clients can place a standing order with you for the delivery of flowers at regular intervals.


979. Begin a business which makes up bottle gardens. To make your gardens distinctive, find bottles of an interesting and unusual design. Get them stocked at shops which do not usually stock such products. For example: health food shops and grocers.

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