Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Small Business Phone Service

Giving your customers a way to easily communicate with you is a vital part to owning running a business. Telephones are still the most common and most used form of communication in business today. Can your existing business phone service do more for your company?

Allowing your current small business phone service to do more for your company is all that a small business PBX service is about. Utilizing your existing small business phone service, a small business PBX phone system super-charges your most basic form of communication.

A business PBX service makes your existing company phone service behave like that of a much larger business. If you have ever called a larger company that has an virtual phone system that answers your call and lets you pick an employee or department to be connected with, then you know exactly what a business PBX will do for your company.

With a phone auto attendant service, you can have either a local or toll-free phone number that is the main telephone number for your company. When a customer calls this phone number, they are greeted by your auto attendant and given the choice of where their call should be routed.

You have full and complete control of incoming phone calls routing. The beauty of a small business PBX service is that incoming phone calls can be sent to any phone in the world, all it needs is a dial tone. So you can be vacationing in the Bahamas and have your business calls sent to your cell phone.

With service plans starting at under $10 per month, you cannot afford to not have a business PBX service for your company. Two of the largest virtual office phone auto attendant providers are RingCentral and GotVmail. Our testing shows RingCentral to be the better service, offering the best feature set with competitive pricing and a free 30-day trial.

From powerful virtual auto attendant features, to call screening ability, to online voicemail, a small business PBX service really brings tremendous value to your current company phone service.

If your small business depends on telephone service to communicate with customers, you have to give a good look at a small business PBX service. You will be amazed at how much one of these communication services can change your current small business phone service.

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