Saturday, December 6, 2008

999 business ideas: 800-809

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800. Publish a newsletter about successful management. Aim the editorial at managers in large corporations. Each newsletter should discuss the issues relevant to the manager who wants to succeed.


801. Bring out a correspondence course which gives instruction about becoming a professional researcher. This course would appeal to those who would like a career in this field and to authors who want to do their own research. Sell from ads in literary publications. 


802. Produce bookmarkers which have attractive embroidered designs. Package them in cellophane and have them stocked at bookshops. 


803. Put together a regular publication which lists photographic equipment for sale. Your income comes from selling advertising space. 

804. Write and publish a booklet about how to cut the cost of a wedding. Alternatively write and produce a manual about how to have a big wedding on a shoestring. Have it stocked in bookshops or sell from ads in wedding magazines.


805. Design and manufacture some wooden kits for constructing model boats. Sell from ads in hobby magazines or have them stocked in modelling and crafts shops.


806. Use direct mail to sell model steam engines to engineers, doctors, scientists, company directors and other professional people.


807. Set up a mail order business which specialises in selling videos, films, photographs, posters and slides about the pop music of the 50s and60s. Use your ingenuity to find products, for example canvass picture libraries and record and film companies. 


808. Write and publish a newsletter which is devoted to profitable hobbies. The newsletter will be aimed at those who are looking for both an interesting new hobby and a way of making extra money. Asses the profit potential of a wide range of hobbies.


809. Bring out a selection of musical bookmarkers. To make the bookmarkers musical use electronic devices similar to the ones used in musical greeting cards.

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