Monday, December 15, 2008

999 easy biz ops: 630-639

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630. Begin a mail order business which sells a selection of products of particular interest to motorbike enthusiasts. In your catalogue include; badges, clothing, cult ornaments, etc. Advertise in motorbike magazines.


631. Sell smoke detectors door-to-door. Expand by using sales personnel to sell for you. Have you deciced on your biz ops……


632. Open your own school of drama. Prepare a simple prospectus which offers a comprehensive introduction to drama. Hold classes in a hired hall. Also visit businesses and clubs to give classes during lunch hours.


633. Bring out a series of audio cassettes or booklets which give advice about how to deal with the problems experienced by teenagers. For example: the search for identity and career choices. Aim style and contents at either the teenagers themselves or at parents. 


634. Set up a health food catering service. Do the catering at a wide range of occasions such as private parties, business functions, weddings, etc. Advertise in health food shop notice boards and send copies of your menu to businesses.


635. Place small ads in various overseas business and trade magazines which read 'I want to buy adult X-rated products suitable for selling by mail order'. 


636. Start a school of psychic phenomena and the unknown. Offer potential students easy-to-do postal courses on subjects such as UFO's, sea monsters, ghosts, etc. Advertise in a wide range of publications.

Biz ops can be huge…..


637. If you live near a port or marina. Start and operate a boat and yacht valeting service. Seek expert advice from someone knowledgeable about boating or yachting and what is involved in marine valeting. 


638. Frame and label samples of many different metals. At a glance the physical appearance of different metals can be compared. Sell by direct mail to engineering companies, scientists, schools and metalwork hobbyists.


639. Hire out brassware for decorating the reception areas of businesses such as pubs, hotels, restaurants, hair salons, offices, etc. Also, some custom might come from householders who are keen on brassware. Still need some biz ops……

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