Thursday, December 25, 2008

RingCentral's Virtual Office Phone Service

Making it easy for your customers to reach you is vitally important to any business. A key part of being reachable is having a powerful business phone service.

A virtual auto attendant is really the best solution to the small business owner's business telephone system needs. By incorporating advanced communication features, a PBX service makes the business owner's telephone system act like that of a much larger company.

The number one small business PBX phone service is RingCentral. As an online, very affordable small business phone and fax service, RingCentral gives you edge communication features within grasp of the average entrepreneur.

RingCentral PBX service needs no special hardware or phone lines. By using your existing phone lines, RingCentral is very easy to setup and requires no expensive setup fees. To use the RingCentral service, all a business needs is just one working telephone.

Your small business easily distinguishes itself apart from the competition by combining the RingCentral leading-edge call management services with either a local or toll free main phone number. A client or customer dials one main number for your small business, and is then routed to the necessary phone line using the feature-rich home PBX service.

Regardless of the number of employees your small business has, or where they are located in the world, the RingCentral small business PBX service allows your customers to call one phone number and be able to reach anybody in your company.

Cutting-edge telecommunication features come included with most RingCentral service plans. These include a virtual receptionist, dial-by-name directory, call screening, Internet faxing with a dedicated phone number, voicemail with email delivery, plus many, many more features.

With RingCentral small business PBX service, your current business phone service is turned into an unstoppable sales machine. Unleash the potential of your existing small business phone service by giving RingCentral virtual office phone a try with their worry free 30-day trial. Your business, and employees, will be thanking you.

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