Wednesday, December 24, 2008

New Way To Have profitable, Fully Optimized PPC Campaign The Minute It Launches

4 ways to know up front what are the best converting keywords

You can help to increase your website traffic right away.PPC advertising is becoming more and more difficult. Let us look at some unpaid modes to encourage your traffic as pay per click is the apparently usual way. Being the most apparent example, blogging can be of prime importance so if you do not already have one set one up right now at no cost. Write a post or posts using keywords from your particular topic and then use the ping services to inform everyone. These services will announce your link to many blog directories and websites. The more you do it the more will your website traffic improve but as far as an instant hit is concerned you will get it in one day.

Post on Forums - there is a forum out there for most subjects and you can usually register for free. To find good forums search on Google for your keyword plus the word forum and then take a look to see what you think. You are not allowed to blatantly promote in your forum post but if you write sensible posts, offer help and advise others as well as commenting on popular threads you are likely to get people check out your site and this can happen for free on the same day.

Article writing - for quality monitoring purposes, some article directories run through it before posting while others do not so you can find an article with a link to your site the same day. Some people may even select it to post them on their site with your resource box at the end linking them to your site.

Digg it - Digg is a great site for posting small snippets or synopsis of your blog post, article post or matter from your web site. In no time this can be found on their prestigious and highly viewed pages, once again giving a push to expand your website traffic.

Email your list - is it true that you do not have a list as yet? The astounding fact is that lots of people on the web have not done anything to make their own email list. The advantage of having a list is that it enables you to arrange previously composed messages and send out mass emails at any time calling them to visit your site and benefit from the latest special offers or suggestions and thus improve your website traffic in no time.

Joint venture - you may sometimes gain success in a day through it and sometimes not. If you receive a newsletter from another website related to your issue, try to see if you have anything interesting to offer them and their customers. Firstly this would consist of something you would add value to - a free report, a product where you barter the gain with the list owner. Traffic to their web site is increased by some people by maintaining thousands of names in their lists.

As an advertiser, you know that pay-per-click campaigns take a lot of trial and error. You set up your keywords, write your ads and track conversions until you find just the right combination that works the best.

But what if there was a way to know up front what are the best converting keywords, the best converting ads, and the best converting landig pages

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