Friday, December 5, 2008

999 business ideas: 790-799

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790. Publish a newsletter for those who want to make money dealing in antiques. In the newsletter highlight trends in the antiques business, give tips and hints about finding bargains, tell subscribers how to sell for the highest prices, etc.


791. Produce and distribute a video encyclopaedia about flowers, plants, trees or birds. This should present films about your chosen subject in alphabetical order. Try to get national and international distribution organised.


792. Sell by post information and advice about antiques. Provide clients with a confidential service which identifies and values antiques from descriptions and photographs. Also give advice about care, cleaning and storage of individual items. Produce leaflets about your service. 


793. Take a course in basketry. As you develop your skill slowly begin to sell what you make. When your work reaches a high enough standard, go into business full-time.


794. Start a service which provides businesses with a security conscious paper collecting, shredding and disposal service. Have impressive leaflets printed to promote your service and send them to businesses. 


795. Create a home-based debt collections service. Get a job with a debt collection agency and learn all you can before you strike out on your own. At first specialise in one type of trade and, if successful, expand into collecting  debts for other trades. 


796. Produce a series of audio cassettes about Confucianism. Have them stocked at health food shops and bookstores. Or sell by mail order from ads in off-beat publications. 


797. Design and manufacture business maternity clothes for businesswomen. Have them stocked in maternity and other women's clothes shops and sell by mail order.


798. Make videos for people who want to sell their business. Each video is designed to show a business in its best light. In the video, interview customers, look at its standing in the community, etc. Your video should help achieve the highest possible sale price for the businesses whose sale you promote.


799. Put together a correspondence course about how to write jokes for profit. Base this on a method which is your own invention. For example, jokes are like the keys on a piano: there's a limited number but they can be played in an infinity of combinations.

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