Wednesday, December 10, 2008

999 business ideas: 720-729

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720. If you live in a busy road and you are at home all day, place a good looking sign outside you house stating that you do car washing and polishing. Also advertise that you give a personal service and that car owners can call at your house any time. 


721. Design and have printed novelty joke licences. Each licence has a space for a name to be added. The licence may state that the named person is: a genius, certified insane, international sex maniac, etc. Distribute to shops which sell souvenirs, jokes and gifts. 


722. Organise the production of photographic business cards and sell these direct to businesspeople. You might also produce blank photographic business cards for printers. For example a card features a photograph which is representative of a trade; a printer would print personal details next to the picture. 


723. Put together a home study course about the technical aspects of film making. This course might be the cornerstone of your own postal film school. Sell from ads in film magazines. 


724. Seek out as many recipes as you can for nougat. Devise, with the help of these, your own brand of delicious nougat. Have sizeable quantities made and sell from a stall or get it stocked at shops.


725. Frame photographs of well known boxers. Get these stocked at sports shops or sell by mail order from ads in boxing and sports papers and magazines. 


726. Bring out X-rated cardboard cut-outs of female or male models. Sell by mail order from ads in adult magazines. 


727. Design souvenir badges which read 'I've been to (name of town)' or 'I love .........'. Pay to have your badges professionally made. Arrange for shops in the named town to stock these badges.


728. Each month produce and interesting lecture on audio cassette. Sell these through a monthly club. The subjects should be something which appeals to an established market such as science fiction fans, business opportunity seekers or sales people.


729. Start a private school for florists. Provide courses for those who want to either set up in business or want to get a job as a florist. Advertise in women's magazines. 

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