Saturday, December 6, 2008

999 business ideas: 780-789

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780. Commission artists to do original paintings of horses and horse racing. Set up a business which distributes and sells these paintings. For example your might display the paintings in a mobile showroom which visits horse events. 


781. Start a service which makes audio tape recordings of wedding ceremonies. Video cameras are either not allowed in church or produce poor pictures. However, discreet microphones can record the ceremony. Copies on cassette can be sent to friends and relatives at home and overseas. 


782. Set up a business which makes wooden dog kennels in kit form. Sell by mail order from ads in dog lovers publications or get them stocked at pets shops. 


783. With the permission of the appropriate authority, if needed, sell nuts in an open space of a city centre to passers-by and tourists for feeding the pigeons. Or, at a suitable seaside resort, sell bits of fish to holiday-makers who want to feed the seagulls. 


784. Set up an enterprise which manufactures hutches and coops for small animals, birds and poultry. Sell in kit or finished form by mail order. 


785. Produce a selection of posters which feature photographs of elaborate models. Mount these on display units and get model shops to show them.


786. Introduce a service to your area which releases lighter than air balloons at weddings, birthdays and other special occasions. Buy a cylinder of gas and turn out the balloons yourself. Offer potential clients a selection of quantities for different prices. 


787. Start a business which delivers bulky pet food direct to the public. Build up a round of regular customers. Call on houses throughout your area to sell your service. 


788. Begin a business which organises wildlife observation holidays. These might be based in a forest, for example, unspoiled coastal area or mountainous region. Produce a brochure and advertise in wildlife magazines.


789. Start a second-hand art bookstall and take it to antique markets or fairs. Obtain your stock by placing ads in art or book collectors magazines. State that you wish to buy collections of second-hand art books. 

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