Tuesday, December 9, 2008

999 business ideas: 700-709

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700. Make kites which feature Union Jacks, Stars and Stripes or the colours of popular football teams. Package and have stocked at suitable retailers. 


701. Open a market stall which sells hats and other headgear. Your stock will include: ladies hats, scarves, men's caps and Balaclava helmets. 


702. Start a firm which designs and manufactures notice boards for the home and office. These might have a special feature, for example, cover the boards with a fabric which has an exotic design or make boards which have an unusual shape.


703. Produce a correspondence course about how to design saleable knitting patterns. The main market for this would be people who want to design knitting patterns for profit rather than for enjoyment. 


704. Take everyday objects such as clocks, water taps and calculators. Remove the outer casing and mount them to make educational aids or ornaments. Also you might label the most important parts of each object.


705. Recreate classic chess games on video. Start a business which hires and sells these to chess enthusiasts. Set up a mail order business which sells books and products related to ventriloquism. Produce booklets and cassettes which give instructions about ventriloquism and ideas for stage acts. Also sell props and dummies.


706. Start a miniature brassware ornament of the month club. Or produce a mail order catalogue which has a very wide range of brass ornaments. 


707. Bring out a correspondence course about how to compose and write hymns. Advertise in the religious press. Also arrange for agents in foreign countries to sell the course.


708. Produce an encyclopaedia of self-improvement on audio cassettes. This should cover all subjects related to self-improvement and might be 20-50 cassettes in length. Sell in monthly instalments or as a complete course. 


709. Set up a market stall at a tourist town which sells all kinds of belts from the highly fashionable to the personalised. 

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