Wednesday, December 10, 2008

999 business ideas: 730-739

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730. Bring out a card index box which has reprinted cards for holding different kinds of information. This is a card index version of personal organisers, instead of carrying around a pocket folder of information, everything is held on pre-printed cards in a desktop card index box.


731. Design and organize the production of stop smoking penalty boxes. Every time a person smokes, he or she pays a fine. Pay a plastics injecting mouldings firm to manufacture the boxes. Distribute the finished plastic boxes to wholesalers and a wide range of retailers. 

732. Make good, old-fashioned wooden tool carriers of some sort and have them stocked at hardware shops and tool shops. Or produce kits for making tool carriers and sell by mail order from ads in DIY magazines. 


733. Produce and distribute a selection of ashtrays which feature the face of a hated person. Every time a smoker finishes a cigarette they stub it out in the face of the hated person. 


734. Make leather folders for salespeople to use when making presentations. Have these stocked at stationers or produce a catalogue about your range of folders and send it to businesses. 


735. During the Christmas period, sell holly and mistletoe door-to-door.


736. Put together a home study course about theatrical directing. Call this business a postal drama school. Students will include: amateur drama directors, professional actors and other theatre enthusiasts. 


737. Write and publish a manual which is about how to start and organise your own football team. Sell from ads in football magazines and programmes. 


738. Set up a window cleaning round and employ students and other young people to do the work. Build up lots of individual rounds and employ a person for each one.


739. Place classified ads in newspapers which read: 'Anything bought, Cash paid' or 'Houses cleared'. Make money from reselling what you pick up.

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