Friday, December 12, 2008

999 new biz ops: 660-669

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660. Set up a business which organises weight loss holidays. These holidays are not on health farms but consist of long distance walking, diet instruction, and discussion amongst participants. A person who wants to lose weight goes on a two or four week holiday which would consist of walking for most of the day, following a strict diet and evenings of discussion groups. Choose easy biz ops.


661. Design and make a selection of lucky charm key-rings. For example, make a key-ring fob which is a wooden or metal number seven or four-leaf clover. Mount them on a rack and have them stocked at suitable retailers.


662. Organise the production and distribution of souvenir potted plant holders. These plant holders should appeal to the same people who buy souvenir trays. 


663. Sell a wide range of postcards and souvenirs from a roadside stall.


664. Produce novelty car stickers which feature a big 'X' stamped across pictures of traffic wardens, policemen, or cars. They are designed to be stuck to cars in the fashion of fighter planes to show enemy aeroplanes destroyed. They are for amusement only and should appeal to a wide range of drivers.


665. Build elaborate sand-castles or sand sculptures at the seaside and accept donations from those who want to show appreciation of your work.  Biz ops are all over the place.


666. Begin a service which helps car owners to sell their cars. You would have around twenty sites at newsagents, barbers, supermarkets, etc, where details of the cars are displayed. A car owner pays you, for example, £20, half goes to you and half to the site owners.


667. Start a fortune telling gift service for new born babies. When a baby is born a fortune-teller provides a written statement about their future. Such a statement would make an ideal birth gift. Advertise in the classified columnist of a variety of publications. 


668. Bring out a selection of baseball caps which are printed with the names of popular sports teams. Distribute to sports shops, gift shops and sell by mail order. 


669. Design, produce and distribute tie clips which have a theme related to astrology, football, a holiday resort, etc. Biz ops can be huge.

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