Wednesday, February 11, 2009

5 Ways To Cash In With Your Blog

Blogging is all the rage these days for many different reasons. For one thing, it's a lot of fun to be able to express your opinions about something or share information with people all over the world. You also have to remember that the people who visit your blog are often ready and willing to spend money Use these 5 ways to cash in with your blog to add some padding to your wallet.

Cash Tip #1: Put Your Ads Where People Can See Them

Bloggers often make the mistake of slipping a tiny affiliate link in somewhere on the blog. These will rarely get found and clicked on Now, you don't want to be annoying with your ads, but if you have found something that is relevant there is no reason not to display it proudly so your visitors see it and click on it. It's hard to make money if no one knows you are selling something.

Cash Tip #2: Build a List

It's a great thing to have visitors to your blog, but it's even better to keep them coming back for more. You should focus on building a list of people who are interested in your niche topic. That way you can tell them when you create new blog posts, as well as let them know about special offers you think would be of interest.

Cash Tip #3: Sell Advertising

There are many people out there who are pushing the same affiliate products and promotions. The returns can often be low as well, depending on which niche you're in and what products you're affiliated with. Once you get to a relatively high level of traffic it's a great idea to sell advertising spots. Companies are ready and willing to spend money on this form of advertisement, and you can often make more with these direct deals than you can by going through an affiliate organization that takes a cut.

Cash Tip #4: Create a Product

After you've had your blog running for a while you'll hopefully have developed a loyal following. People see you as an expert in your niche and they want to hear more of what you have to say. A great way to cash in on this is to create your own ebook, videos, audio, or a combination. This is easier to do than you think, and you can have a great, passive income once the product creation phase is over.

Cash Tip #5: Split Test

You might have heard about split testing as a great way to figure out the best format for sales letters, but did you know that you could split test ads on your blogs? There are plugins and software packages out there that can present one ad to one group and another ad to another group. That way you can cash in even better by knowing exactly what it is that your target audience responds to best.

There you have it These are five tips you can put to use today to start seeing a return in profits on your blog tomorrow. There is nothing better than knowing that people out there are not only reading your content, but adding to your income as well.

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