Sunday, January 20, 2008

Advertising Agency

How many people work in Advertising? Take a guess. My guess is that if you do not work in the business, you will pause a moment, think of all the ads you have seen today (over 1,000 according to the statisticians) and conclude that this is an industry of some proportion. Clare Beale on Advertising (Independent)

In support of his ongoing theory the Advertising industry if filled with BDA's aka Big Dumb Agencies, George Parker has unearthed an interesting analogy that involves monkeys and classical condition. Big Agency Idiocy Explained (adrants)

Coretomic announces that during the month of December 2007 it has doubled its number of Advertising and Marketing Agency Partners in New England. Coretomic Agency Partner Program excels for Coretomic, its Agency Partners and their customers. (Centre Daily Times)

BRIDGEWATER รข€” A $225,000 contract for Advertising work with the Somerset County Park Commission created heated discussion during a meeting of the Agency's governing board Thursday night. Ad pact OK\'d after debate (Home News Tribune)

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