Saturday, January 19, 2008


Baltimore Sun - That was Kevin Keenan's succinct prediction of the likely effect of President Bush's proposal to give rebates to taxpayers, part of a $145 billion economic stimulus plan announced yesterday. "I'm spiritually prepared for a recession, and this isn't ... Public unmoved by promise of Cash

Detroit Free Press - Look, the car guys and gals have been rolling out rebates for years because business needs a boost. So when Washington talks about tax rebates, all I can say is: Don't drag your feet. Bring 'em on. Let economists debate whether the Federal Reserve ... Tax talk can wait; send the Cash now!

Minneapolis Star Tribune - Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano says the deployment of new photo radar or other speed enforcement technology on state highways is all about public safety. But her proposed state budget counts on the anticipated speeding fines to help erase a projected ... Arizona governor\'s proposed budget counts on Cash from photo radar on ...

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