Saturday, January 26, 2008

Internet Business

The online porn Business is exploding, and that has this Meridian pastor preaching.  Brian Yeager says addiction to graphic Internet porn sites is tearing families apart. Internet Pornography Addiction Seminar (KIVI Boise)

ONEIDA - Net Dzyne, an Oneida-area Internet web design company has been waiting, for common council to decide whether to amend local zoning laws to allow 'no-impact' home-based Businesses in residential zones. Internet Business approaches Square 2 (The Oneida Daily Dispatch)

Google, Yahoo and other Internet companies fueled by online ads could well suffer in a recession, analysts say, but they expect the online ad market might hold up better than other media. Even Vaunted Google Ad Business Susceptible To Recession (Investor\'s Business Daily via Yahoo! News)

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