Wednesday, January 30, 2008

blog widgets

The popularity of sites like Imeem and Bebo, which pay artists for the music they feature, are the talk of the industry. Could social networking sites save the music industry? (International Herald Tribune)

ComScore has released its rankings for Web Widget Metrix, its widget tracking service launched in June 2007. A widget is an application that can be downloaded and added to the home page or inserted into a blog page or personal profile page to receive a chunk of information or an update. agencyfaqs! news bureau (Agencyfaqs!)

In Greek mythology, the Hydra was a creature who could not be defeated, as each time one of its heads was cut off, two more would sprout back in its place. It seems that SEO mythology is no different; every time one SEO myth is debunked, two more SEO myths crop back up in its place, only adding to the confusion about search engine optimization. Debunking SEO Mythology (

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