Saturday, January 26, 2008

advertising idea

Sri Lanka Sunday Times - Since nobody in the ad industry wished to prove this improbable – for then the whole idea of advertising being an art form would be seriously questioned – everyone was quick to not only accept the idea but also to loudly celebrate it. There lies ... Scam ads %26ndash; to ban or not to ban?

USA Today - It's a popular story and we just turned it into an advertisement," said Clay Broussard, a supply and logistics manager at PepsiCo who proposed the idea for the ad. "This is the PepsiCo flavor of that joke." The joke goes like this: Two guys are ... Pepsi hopes silence is golden with Super Bowl ad

New York Times - The move is expected to give a lift to the idea that music through the Internet can be similar to radio — free and supported by advertising — yet give users a choice of what they want to listen to. Until now, has offered what is known ... CBS to Make Internet Music Unit More Like Radio

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