Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Slate - Bloggers are reacting to Sen. Barack Obama's big wins in the Wisconsin primary and Hawaiian caucuses Tuesday, and watching for falling satellites. Deep in the heart of the primaries: By the time final results were tallied in Wisconsin and Hawaii, a ... today\'s blogs

Miami Herald - In the final weeks of Russia's presidential campaign, TV networks and other major media are filled with uncritical and often fawning coverage of the man President Vladimir Putin has blessed as his successor. Check out the Russian blogs, though, and ... Russian blogs antidote to neutered media

San Francisco Gate - Good thing we have blogs to expose sexual douchebaggery รข€” and to tell us how to make our computers catch people stealing our porn . And stealing porn off computers when there's a whole Internet? Is nothing sacred!? Like, duh. I am so calling ... The Geek Squad\'s ongoing porn problem

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