Saturday, February 9, 2008

Winning The Cash Flow

NPR News - Candidates' Cash Flow Coming Out of Super Tuesday ... discovering, as various self-financing congressional candidates did in The 1990s, that Winning requires more than money. He hasn't yet converted his Cash ... Candidates\' Cash Flow Coming Out of Super Tuesday

New York Daily News - NEW ORLEANS - Barack Obama is Winning The post-Super Tuesday fundraising war, raising $7.5 million since The polls closed ... Despite Clinton's current Cash Flow problems and Obama's tremendous fundraising success during The past month, Gibbs refused ... Barack Obama rakes in $7.5 million since Super Tuesday

Lowell Sun - As The campaign heads into a long two-month stretch, Cash Flow is essential to supporting massive staff overhead, travel ... First, according to political consultant Angelique Pirozzi, "You win elections by Winning elections." While delegate ... Clinton, Obama fight for delegates, dollars

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