Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pay Per Post

3FN Marketing, a Pay Per click advertising system with 3FN Bidding System run by 3FN, a well-known hosting brand, announces the launch of unique offers and absolutely profitable propositions for Pay Per click advertisers. (PRWeb Jan 12, 2008) Post Comment:Trackback URL: 3FN Marketing Starts Unique Offers for Pay Per click Advertisers (PRWeb)

The Internet's first Pay-Per-page wiki site sells its thousandth page on the way to a million dollar goal. A virtual land grab is underway as customers seek to purchase best available keywords for development or resale. (PRWeb Jan 12, 2008) Post Comment:Trackback URL: Million Dollar Wiki Idea Surpasses $100,000 Milestone as Land Rush Continues (PRWeb)

The steps were built in three days after the collapse; the contractor charged for basic builder's tools and $7 for paPer cups. State\'s tab for steps at 35W bridge site: $1,311 Per tread (Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune)

Pay Per Post -- Marketing Business

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