Monday, February 4, 2008

advertising examples

Seattle Times - Danny O'Neil Once again, NFL wins advertising game By Danny O'Neil Seattle Times NFL reporter ... The attention given Super Bowl ads — and the $2.7 million it cost for a 30-second spot — are examples of the NFL's ... Once again, NFL wins advertising game

CNET News - With some online interactivity, these are great examples of making the most of traditional advertising in a Web world. Hopefully if or when these standalone sites are decommissioned, they'll also be savvy enough to put 301 permanent redirects in ... Super Bowl ads reveal big companies don\'t get it

Forbes - ... take advantage of our unique park attractions and integrate them into their key advertising strategies. Six Flags Experiential Marketing: This component provides advertisers the opportunity to engage in one-on- one interaction with guests. examples of ... Six Flags, Inc. Announces New In-Park Network, Six Flags Media ...

Houston Chronicle - Slapstick, pop culture nostalgia and animals — the holy trinity of Madison Avenue — were once again the advertising ... examples were Audi's Godfather ripoff and two spots for VitaminWater featuring Shaquille O'Neal as a jockey and Naomi ... Giants win Super Bowl XLII

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