Wednesday, February 6, 2008

subliminal advertising

Many years back on the outskirts of Calcutta city an owner of a small shop of 'lep', 'toshak' and 'balish' (quilt, mattress and pillow) had his tough time selling his products as not many customers used to stop by his shop. Goggling at Google Microsoft plans to gobble up Yahoo (News From Bangladesh)

New Yorkers have a history of gritting their teeth to the sound of cheerful celebrity safety exhortations. Maria Bartiromo, the CNBC anchor, is the latest in the trend. Safety Messages That Sound Like Silence (New York Times)

Tim is the King Midas of candy. Everything he touches -- office supplies, furniture, whatever -- turns into Skittles. With this blessing, of course, comes a curse. Advertisers flock to the Internet (The Star-Ledger)

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