Wednesday, November 26, 2008

4 Secret Steps To have profitable, fully optimized PPC campaign the minute it launches

what are the best converting keywords

You can improve your website traffic today if you want. Pay per click is a distinctly ordinary answer which is easy also, hence we must search for cost free ways to maximize your traffic. Blogging is the most frequently chosen method hence set up a blog right now for free unless you already own one. Write a post or posts using keywords from your particular topic and then use the ping services to inform everyone. Services like this hook up your link to innumerable blog directories and sites. You will grow more website traffic the more you do it but you can get an instant hit in a day.

Post on Forums - there are innumerable forums covering most topics and you can register for free known. If you want to find benefiting forums, search on Google using your keyword and the word forum and then check the results to choose from. To generate awareness about your site and get people to check it out for free and on the same day, write tangible and realistic posts, offer meaningful assistance and advice and comment on sought after issues as direct promotion is not allowed.

Article writing - for quality monitoring purposes, some article directories run through it before posting while others do not so you can find an article with a link to your site the same day. Other people pick it up and put them on their site along with your credentials at the bottom linking to your site.

Digg it - Digg is an excellent site where you can post interesting bits and pieces or outlines of your blog post, article post or text passages from tour web site. All too soon this appears on their celebrated and prominent pages, again offering a potential lift to your website traffic.

Email your list - it is incredible that you do not have a list yet! It is quite incredible that many people on the internet have not yet created their own email list. The good thing about a list is you can pre-set a series of messages to offer them, and you can send out an email broadcast at any time telling them to visit your site for the latest special offer or piece of advice - voila - instant boost to website traffic.

Joint venture - sometimes impossible in a day but sometimes it is. If you receive a bulletin from another website which suits your needs, then why not see if you can offer something of advantage to them and their customers as a means of reciprocation. By choice this would be something worthwhile - a free report or a product where you and the list owner would share the profit. Having thousands of names on their lists is common for many people and through this they get a good opportunity to increase the traffic to their web site.

PPC advertising is becoming more and more difficult. There are literally hundreds of thousands of advertisers out there trying to grab customers' attention.

As an advertiser, you know that pay-per-click campaigns take a lot of trial and error. You set up your keywords, write your ads and track conversions until you find just the right combination that works the best.

But what if there was a way to know up front what are the best converting keywords, the best converting ads, and the best converting landig pages?

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