Monday, November 17, 2008

Explanation of Network Marketing

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At times like this when you just want a quick definition - the dictionary comes in right handy.  Network marketing is a business in which a distributor network is needed to build the business. Usually such businesses are also MLM in nature (payouts also occur at more than one level). Network Marketing is sometimes also used incorrectly to indicate the business uses a network of product suppliers to offer a broader selection of products. It's usually used this way to differentiate themselves as a way to suggest their program has more benefits than other such programs.  Clear as mud?

Okay let's go at it from another angle. If you're involved in an organization where you are actively trying to promote a product to just about everyone you can think of and you're told to get/sponsor people under you - you're involved in network marketing.And, these questions will likely to highlight something for you.

Detest bugging your family, friends and people who fervently praying you won't bring up your 'business' opportunity?  Cringe at the mere thought of 'following up' with your massage therapist after putting her on a third party call to explain your opportunity?  Ever wished you could just carry on a conversation with someone without constantly thinking of ways to recruit them? Tired of being told "Do more of it!' and you dont have a clue to what you're supposed to be doing more of?  Tired of hounding people you know couldn't care less about your business?   If you answered yes to these questions, you're involved in network marketing.

The biggest thing you'll have issues with is HOW you're supposed to get "leads" to buy what you're offering.  It involves your enroller (your upline) and your recruits (your downline).  The upline is tells you what to do, how to do it - sort of.  Uplines don't always tell you everything you REALLY need to know. Things are not what they appear to be.  Hang in or bale?Only experience can aid you in making up your mind.

Over the years, as the internet developed, Network Marketing has become easier especially when network marketing meets and synergize with internet marketing. Less effort is needed and process becomes more automated. Selling becomes much easier and sometimes you dont even have to do the selling or meet up with people. That is the beauty of online network marketing.

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