Monday, November 24, 2008

RingCentral Fax Online Faxing Service

Most companies need to make use of a fax machine quite often. However, fax machines tend to be pricey, because they require their own telephone line. Fortunately, a solution to this issue exists.

eMail faxing eliminates the problem of needing to spend money monthly on a dedicated telephone line. When you use an Internet faxing solution, you receive a dedicated fax number so you do not need to have a dedicated phone line. All you need to use the service is the ability to be on the Internet, and the fax provider takes care of everything else.

RingCentral Fax is a leading online faxing solution provider, with fax plans to fit the needs of a business of any size. RingCentral Fax provides you with a dedicated fax number for your incoming faxes, and you receive your faxes via email, or by logging onto their Internet site.

Web faxing is available at all times, so you will never miss any faxes. Since you can view and edit faxes on the website, RingCentral Fax doesn’t even require you to have a printer to use.

Faxing over the Internet is an efficient way to get all of the benefits of a traditional fax machine, but not all of the aggravation and costs associated with it. Assuming you can get online, you can send and receive faxes to any worldwide location.

RingCentral Fax even gives you the capability to be notified via a cell phone when you receive a new fax. Or, if you need to send an important fax to more than one location, you can do this with the RingCentral Fax broadcast fax feature. Just about anything is possible when you use an online faxing solution.

Use RingCentral Fax in place of a traditional fax machine. With their 30-day trial, there is nothing at risk for you. Break free from that conventional fax machine in your office and go online with your fax service.

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