Sunday, November 9, 2008

Types of Nursing Careers - The Truth About Being an Emergency Room Nurse

While there are many types of nursing careers you can choose from, the emergency room nurse is definitely a career worth considering. An emergency room nurse provides care for a patient during a critical or unexpected stage of a patient's illness. While nursing is very rewarding, you can be sure there is no shortage of fulfillment and excitement in the fast paced world of an emergency room nurse.


Now you may be wondering what makes this type of nursing career so unique. For one, there are many intangible benefits that are perfect for anyone seeking to make a difference. There are other variables as well. So if you're looking for excitement, here are a couple of things that make an emergency room nurse the obvious career choice.


One thing you have to remember is a hospital emergency room environment is very fast paced. It depends on the amount of patients that come through those doors. It can be a hit or miss as far as the volume of work is concerned. However, one thing is certain. The emergency room is the place patients go to when they need immediate assistance…...and I mean right away. There is probably nothing more intense when a person's health suddenly goes south. All they want is some one to "save" them. That's what it's all about on many shifts for a nurse.


Now on top of if this fast paced environment you need to be able to communicate very effectively, here's why. The emergency room nurse needs to assess the condition of the patient after the paramedic brings them in. They need to be able to take that information the patient and paramedic gives them an effectively communicate that to the doctor. 


Finally, you need to be able to think fast and be on top of your game as an emergency room nurse.  Depending on the hospital you work for the work load can be tremendous. Since you can't tell how many patients come in and what type of conditions you encounter, you'll probably never get bored as an emergency room nurse. If you a person that needs to be occupied all the time, you'll probably find that your shifts will go very fast with the amount of work you can possibly get.


The kind of nursing career you choose depends on the type of person you are. While all nurses may have similar characteristics, you'll see that an emergency room nurse if for someone who enjoys a fast paced environment coupled with providing immediate care and comfort in critical situations.


For information on different types of nursing careers, go to, a web site dedicated to helping nurses get started in their careers.

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