Sunday, November 23, 2008

Internet Attached Storage for Home Business

The local police is who you usually associate the phrase "To Serve and Protect".  But when it comes to your documents, photos, and data there is a great option for safe storage that doesn’t involve disks, tapes, or gadgets that can get lost, stolen or damaged. Internet Attached Storage serves your data to you anywhere while protecting it outside of your home and office.

Although your computer files are safe from many threats, there is still the danger of flood or fire, or computer related damage, like hard drive failure, viruses, or human error damaging your data. Digital data is expensive, difficult, and time consuming to recover and sometimes, impossible.  And if you have a laptop computer or netbook theft is a very real danger.

A inexpensive and practical solution is Internet Attached Storage. Your files are transferred and stored with encryption that ensures your personal information remains personal. Accounts are password protected for security.

There are some considerations when using Internet Attached Storage. Some guidelines include:

Backup early and often

The more frequently you backup, your lowering your chance of data loss. Best of breed Internet Attached Storage includes network drive and file synchronization.

Have multiple copies

It's very secure to store data with Internet Attached Storage, but it's also convenient and smart to keep the original copies on your computer.Therefore making it easy to synchronize data to your Internet Attached Storage area.

Organize your information

It makes no sense to store files online or otherwise if you can't find what you need, when you need it. Internet Attached Storage mirrors your existing folder/file structure. It’s a good idea to do so.

Passwords are your secret key

Internet Attached Storage cannot be accessed without the password assigned to it. Always keep your account name and password private so your files can't be compromised.

You have files that can't be replaced. Like home banking, email, etc., and files you need to access from anywhere like photos. Types of data you should upload to Internet Attached Storage:


Home Movies

Music Files

Financial Records

Work Related Files


Email Data

Internet Attached Storage has advanced beyond online backup to provide features like synchronization and network drive while protecting your data.

Which Internet Attached Storage product do we like?  We particularly like the features, cost, and reliability of OPENRSM CloudBackup.  It gives a great balance of features that go way beyond simple online backup that is particularly cost effective.  We endorse it wholeheartedly.

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