Monday, November 3, 2008

The Millionaire Mind Seminar – A Wake Up Call

I signed up for the Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar and then instantly thought to myself, "You must be crazy!" I had already read the book. Wouldn't itbe a waste of a weekend to attend the seminar too? The book, "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind," taught me a lot. Did I really need to hang out with strangers for three days and hear it all again?

The doubts persisted, leading up to the weekend. "Do I really need to go spend 3 days with strangers to prove my commitment to financial success? Am I going to feel like a fool while they make me do silly exercises and games?"

Well, the answers turned out to be yes... yes... and YES! I thought that I "got it" before I attended the seminar.  I thought that I understood what I needed to do in order to be rich and successful.

Before I walked through those doors, I had the basic idea, thanks to the "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind." But as I began to listen and really pay attention to the principles being taught, and even participate in those dreaded exercises, I really began to understand it all on a whole new level.

The Millionaire Mind Intensive doesn't only teach you proven strategies for the creation and maintenance of wealth. It goes far beyond that, giving you the actual experience of putting these techniques to work through proven exercise examples. You learn how to:

•    How to quadruple your speed to financial freedom
•    The 5 key financial habits of the wealthy
•    The underlying cause of almost all financial problems
•    12 ways to earn passive income so you can make money while you sleep

Plus, they're just fun!  My group wrote and sang a song together, created a beautiful picture, and (almost) set a $100 bill on fire!  Each step of the way, we learned something important about our relationships with finance.

We didn't use much to do this, besides our brains.  No previous knowledge or skills are required for the intensive.  All the materials were provided—but I did find the pens and empty notebook I brought along awfully handy because I don't think I've ever taken so many notes in my life.

By the end of this course I had an utterly new and different attitude towards money and success.  Before I attended, I had the mindset of someone who hopes they might, maybe, be a millionaire some day.  After the course, I had the mindset of a millionaire - full stop.

Beyond financial success, its great to know that the same principles I learned in the seminar can be used to create true peace and lasting happiness. Peak Potentials training shows you how to be truly "rich" in all aspects of your life.

Personally, I found the Millionaire Mind Seminar to be both amazingly useful and just simply fun and easy! I never felt out of place. I felt completely comfortable, I enjoyed talking to all the other participants and I never felt burdened by the material. I found that I was actually eager to get to each new lesson.

What's more, the intensive worked well for everyone in the room.  I was surrounded by rich people who wanted to increase their investments, poor people who wanted to get out of debt, young couples who wanted to learn the best way to start their financial lives together, and mid-level earners looking to break out of a rut.

Every person learned something important. I couldn't find a single person who wasn't happy with the experience at the Millionaire Mind Intensive. Honestly, everyone I chatted with was overjoyed with the seminar and all the knowledge they gained.

And they should be happy.  What we learned can start to work within 24 hours, if you take action right away and follow the strategies taught in the program.  We each received a "90 Day Wealth Conditioning Program" work book that did wonders for keeping me on target months after the training.

You'll get the most benefit if you do the program every day for the entire 90 days. It doesn't take a lot of time - you just need about 10 minutes each day.

I also didn't feel pressured to buy other products and take other courses.  We were, of course, offered information about these things... along with the freedom for each person to decide what would or would not benefit them.

That said, I think I'll probably take another course by Peak Potentials Training and Harv, soon!  I can't wait to find out what else there is to learn. I would have liked to learn more details about how to earn passive income—we covered 12 different ways to do that, but I still want more.  Luckily, they offer a course in that too.

I highly recommend you make time to attend this seminar. If you're not sure you have the time, try the book - and then make time! This seminar turned out to be the most eye-opening learning experience I've had in years.

Instead of the typical "get rich quick without lifting a finger" presentation I expected, T. Harv Eker's Millionaire Mind Intensive showed me how to create wealth for myself, my business, and my future. With the secrets of the millionaire mind at my fingertips, I can't lose!

My overall verdict: The Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar is highly recommended.  Is there a level of recommendation higher that "high"?  "Platinum"?  I give it a platinum recommendation! (And I can afford it, because I'm a millionaire in the making.)

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