Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The 1,000,000 Word

Getting rich quick online

What if you were missing just that last piece?  That last piece to getting rich quick online.  The key you had all along.   I had it for longer than I can remember.  I even wrote it down.  I knew it, had it and did exactly opposite of what it was.  WHY?

I keep asking myself the same thing.
Well, since my discovery my financial life has changed.  No longer will I succumb to the whims of others and the dreaded trading dollars for hours. 
I can finally do what I want, when I want, and I could have done it years ago. 
As I write this letter to you, I hope I will stop kicking myself in the future for not recognizing I already had the key to success in my arsenal the whole time.  It was so simple that I have already told you what it is in this short dialog and you haven't even realized it. 

Difficult, isn't it?
Knowing its right there and not being able to recognize it.I know how you feel.
Now what am I to do?  Keep it to myself?  Probably should.  If everyone knew, then I would be out of business.  On the other hand, I had the answer for years and just needed to open my eyes to it.  I didn't have to reverse my thinking, change my ideas or spend hours learning something new.  I just had to open my eyes to what was sitting there in front of me the whole time.

The answer is already written in what you have just read. 
I challenge you to find it.  I had it written down in front of me the whole time and still couldn't see it.  Good luck!

Thank you for your interest.  I know that I am having a lot better of a life than I had before I opened my eyes and saw what was already in front of me.  I wish you the best in your efforts to Getting Rich Quick Online.
I'm sure we'll be meeting again.

P.S.  For the answer, click here.  (You didn't think I wasn't going to tell you did you?)

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