Monday, October 13, 2008

999 business ideas: 950-959

950. Begin a mail order business which promotes the hobby of collecting currency notes. Put together a catalogue which lists a wide selection of currency notes and collecting accessories. Advertise in coin collecting magazines. 


951. Start a postal business which sells novel birth and death certificates to those who like to claim that they had previous lives. Design the certificates yourself and pay for them to be printed. Also offer a service which uses occult methods to identify previous lives.


952. Publish an 'ideas' newsletter for photographers. Focus the attention of the newsletter on ideas for saleable photographs. Use ads in photography magazines to sell subscriptions and emphasise that the newsletter aims to help people to earn money from photography.


953. Make a selection of home-made chocolates. Rent a corner of an established shop on a Saturday to sell them.


954. Bring together a selection of books and cassettes about self-hypnosis and start a mail order business. Produce a catalogue about your products and send it to those interested in astrology, the occult and self-improvement.


955. Start a mail order business which sells X-rated books. Canvass publishers at home and abroad to see if they can supply you with any books which fall into this category.


956. Set up a business which produces cinema programmes. These programmes might consist of 2-8 printed pages. Sell advertising space in these programmes to local businesses and include details of future films. Cinema programmes take these programmes from a display unit free of charge. 


957. Begin a business which sells original paintings on hire purchase or revolving credit. Almost everyone would like to own original oil paintings but are put off because of the high initial cost.


958. At a crafts fair or market, operate a jewellery lucky dip. Bring together a selection of enamelled, seashell, bead and carved jewellery in a box. Wrap the box and place in a large tub of sawdust. Passers by are invited to pick a box for a small charge.


959. Put together a spoon bending act that is inspired by Uri Geller. Get yourself an agent and earn money from performing at a wide range of venues such as clubs, pubs, theatres, private parties, etc.

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