Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Is Graduate Distance Learning Taken Seriously By Businesses?

One of the biggest reasons why people resist graduate distance learning programs available online is that people won't think the degree is worth as much on the employment market as one received from a traditional campus. When it comes to getting your MBA, this fear is unfounded. Businesses take an MBA acquired by graduate distance learning to be just as valid as an MBA from a campus.

The Not So Far Future

The job market is tighter than ever, with many applications being filled out for each job. Within your present company this competitiveness also applies for promotions. Having an MBA can give your resume that huge neon sign that can set it apart from all of the other candidates-any kind of MBA.

There is also the cost of gasoline to be considered when you are pursuing a master's degree in business. The price is going up and up. Experts predict that gasoline will continue to skyrocket and not come back down to even three dollars a gallon any more. This is why distance learning for an MBA is now more advantageous than ever. Soon, it might cost more to get gas to and from your class than your MBA costs.

Employers realize that nearly everything changes, including the nature of how we are educated. In the last few years, graduate distance learning programs have attracted top named instructors and been started by prominent schools, including Drexel University and UCLA.

One Word Of Warning

About the only word of warning about graduate distance learning MBAs is that not all are alike. The school or university that offers the course needs to have this distance learning MBA course accredited. (That means "it counts as a real degree".) If you are not sure if the college online graduate distance learning course is accredited, you need to check with your employer, with your state's laws and with a regional accrediting agency. Don't take the university's claims at face value.

Also, try to avoid graduate distance learning classes offered by schools that are entirely virtual campuses and don'tt have a real building to call home. Although this trend might diminish in coming years, for now any degrees form virtual only campuses are generally looked down on by employers as not being "the real deal". Be sure to avoid any school that has "virtual" or "online" in their names, as this also gives a bad impression to potential employers.

Are Graduate Distance Learning degrees taken seriously? The answer is yes, depending on the school you enroll in. To read more pieces of writing on distance learning visit,

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