Thursday, October 9, 2008

999 business ideas: 810-819

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810. Start a service which organises the painting of murals in bedrooms, dining rooms, residential games rooms, etc. Advertise in up-market publications.


811. Call door-to-door and offer to take top quality passport photographs. Take the photographs in the customers house. Someone returns at a later date to deliver the photographs and collect payment. All family members might have their photos taken for passports, ID cards, bus and train passes, etc.


812. Start a production line which turns out hand-painted wooden egg cups for selling at shops. Or at a market stall paint personalised egg cups while the buyer waits.


813. Set up a caddie service for photographers, film makers and video makers. Hire out yourself, and others, to carry equipment for people in these groups. Place ads in suitable magazines to offer your service and send a leaflet to photographers who do location work for businesses.


814. Produce coloured acetate paper printed with painting by number designs for shops. The designs could include elaborate 'sale' signs and pictures with a Christmas theme. A shopkeeper sticks the acetate sheets to one side of a window and paints the design or picture on the other.


815. Begin a firm which produces and distributes a range of I'm in love' products. These will include T-shirts, car stickers and badges.


816. Bring out a board game about buying and running a shop. The shop might be a newsagent or the game might involve several types of shops. Sell from ads in publications which list shops for sale.


817. Rent out model trains by post to railway enthusiasts. This service would allow enthusiasts to examine and use a wide range of trains. You could include an option for the customer to buy if they are particularly fond of any model.


818. Make simple footstools - up to twelve inches in height, for standing on to reach things from shelves. Sell through local shops. 

819. Contact the owners of houses with small letterboxes and offer to supply and install a large letterbox.

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