Monday, October 27, 2008

Steps to Writing Good Headlines

Headlines are very important in Advertising

Here, you will learn how to write headlines for your business.

First, get some paper and pencil and start by doing the following. Ask yourself this question. "What are the main reasons your customers acquire, desire or seek your product or service? In other words, what is the primary benefit or value, result or improvement or reduction or avoidance they end up receivingwhen they use your product service or business?

You should have several answers to this question. When you get them, arrange them by the most valuable and specific and the most frequently desired.

How many ways can you specifically measure the effect or benefit your product or service for a consumer? Write as many as you can on paper.
Now run through each one of the elements I shared with you and apply it by adapting it to your situation.

For example, pick out a few of the words that work wonders, and try adding them to the result your product or service produces. Example, how to rid yourself of stress overnight ... announcing a way to get twice the productivity out of every hour you drive to work. "Amazing discovery, get the job of three people done for the cost of just one," etc.

Take each one of these "wonder words" and try your hand at writing a powerful headline.
Repeat with the tested "key word," making sure you write each statement or cluster of thoughts down separately.

Don't stop now since the fun has just begun.

An important word about your ROI return on investment.
Great copywriters and legendary sales trainers spend days... sometimes weeks... laboring over the details of a headline or opening statement for sales presentation.


Because, those "pros" know how much of pay-off this process produces. Don't limit yourself to writing just one single headline. The great masters I've learned from would write no less than 100 different approaches before they selected the three to five best, most powerful selections they would test out. You should not settle for anything less. The more headlines you write, the more this mind set will become your own.

If you feel uncomfortable at first, that's perfectly normal. Try this simple way, when you get stuck, ask yourself to fill in the blank describing the most powerful result your product or service provides. If you were talking to a customer about this result you'd be telling them how to what? Once you fill in the blank with the answer to the result your product or service, you've written your first really good headline so keep going!

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