Friday, October 17, 2008

The Phenomenon of Baby Boomers Starting Businesses On The Internet

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A hail to diverse creativeness that made possible the way towards increased wealth to almost anyone even to the emergent figure of baby boomers by creating passive income so that they may have something to boast with their retreat portfolio.

Let's be direct, it is no secret that social security isn't so secure because the social security system was made as a safety net and that net has a huge hole.

It has been discovered by so many individuals that after getting a pension or retirement benefits from working all your life out for XYZ firm, the value is less likely for you to appreciate since it can hardly sustain the value that you need when put to actual utilities.

**It is a fact that American firms are now miserly with their benefits and also curtailing their contributions.

I know of one such company who did not think twice before they cut short the careers of its employees who had labored for two to three decades by paying out only 30 percent of their retirement benefits.

This may shock you but indeed it is true.

While we were used to hearing and believing that benefits and privileges will be surely given to us, the truth is in reality far from it.

One of my friends had worked for a single company for 30 long years and now that he's out of the service, a monthly retirement check of 30.00 dollars was given to him.

The truth is, he is more likely to end up working again even after his retirement age - however, we all know for a fact that this has been a trend for so many individuals already.

It is true that many individuals are still working somewhere to make up for their post-retirement income.

The internet is the usual turning point for most of these people - however, they only end up finding out that they are lured into the world full of failure seeing that the web based business is more concerned with a distributor based market thus there is no real buyer existing.

This is a failures' den mainly because here one marketer is selling to another marketer who in turn is looking for various companies for the next viable formula to make the next millions and this has never really worked, making this a sad tale overall till date.

It is here that a guy like Thomas Prendergast CEO of Inetekk and founder of Veretekk come in who is better known as the 'helper of the helpless', ordinary individuals like you and me, to start a successful enterprise working from home, on the internet.

In a recent interview Prendergast spoke about how most Internet based business enterprises use the distributor model and although it may grow for a while that it stumbles and fails in the long run.

It is not uncommon to find hordes of individuals making unwise investment decisions for Internet based concerns which they try to run, unable to build a viable and meaningful customer base and end up wasting thousands of bucks on overused lists and leads.

Is it not a far more viable idea to put in your time, energy and financial resources on customers who are known to your company and who are current users of your products or services?

Think of the idea where you do not have to take in people, no selling involved and no fear of rejection as you are engaged in generating a lot of online passive income.

So you are thinking that this is impossible? Rise and shine baby boomers, here is someone talking real business.

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