Friday, October 10, 2008

999 business ideas: 750-759

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750. Design and make original fashion clothes. Begin by selling your work from a market stall. This will give you the valuable experience of meeting fashion buyers face-to-face. If you discover you can make clothes which are popular, branch out and sell to boutiques. 


751. Learn how to build garden fences then start your own business. Advertise your garden fence building business in local newspapers and offer to provide a free written estimate. 


752. At a public place or fair have a site where people can pay to do their own action painting. Each person is given overalls and a canvass or large sheet of paper. They can then help themselves to as much paint as they like and all kinds of brushes and implements. 


753. Design, make and distribute souvenir pottery doorstops. These might be imprinted with the name of a resort or a view of tourist scenery. 


754. Visit offices during lunch breaks, or before work begins, to give keep-fit classes. 


755. Produce a selection of political and moral T-shirts. These will be designs to publicly express a person’s opinion. Sell at demonstrations and through ads in the political press. Also bring out a mail order catalogue.


756. Begin a business which organises short courses and seminars for salespeople. A guest successful sales personality might be selected to give each lesson. The subjects you cover might include: 'How to Double Your Sales' and 'How to Beat Your Competitors'.


757. Start a business which records interviews with celebrities. Market these on audio cassettes just as if you were selling books or records. Sell these by mail order from your own catalogue and have them stocked in book and record shops. 


758. Arrange for greeting messages to be carved into stone. Sell at shops as an everlasting version of greeting cards. Or start a postal service which turns out personalised greetings in stone.


759. Bump start your career as a freelance journalist. Newspapers and magazines are always interested in success stories. Find and write about people from humble backgrounds who have been successful in business. The best way to find such people is to advertise for them.

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