Sunday, October 19, 2008

Residual Passive income with GDI


Global Domains International Inc is a domain name company that decided to take its domain name business to the world market by creating a network marketing package which is available to everyone who uses the product.

The product is a top level domain name of dot WS or .WS which means Website, web hosting provision up to 100MB or TEN pages if you use the provided WYSIWYG web builder, email addresses and other hosting options. The cost is $10 a month.

The interesting thing about Global Domains International is unlike most MLM that require you to buy the product first, GDI allows you 7 Days to try their product FREE.

The surprising thing is that 85% of people who try the Free Trial STAY and continue to make money. This speaks mountains about the product and the potential of the multi-level marketing opportunity. People like the set-up of the system, the available ready made banners, splash pages, movies and other advertising materials. They see the huge potential of the returns and the opportunity to earn Residual Passive Income. The cost is just USD 10 per month. Most people spend that on a burger!

They also like the ease with which enable them to create their own homepage and offers a chance to get their own domain name.

Anyone has any doubt about GDI?

Is GDI Inc a Scam?

Well, Global Domains International Inc is a debt free company, has a huge growth rate, thousands of people are already in the business that pays to their paypal account or cheque monthly without delay. With such a low investment and high potential return, no wonder everyone is signing up to join the GDI network.

You can read more about Global Domains International GDI and how to successfully promote GDI at where you can download a Free network marketing report and useful softwares to promote the GDI WS business.

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