Thursday, October 23, 2008

Review Of 7 Lies Of Network Marketing By Ann Sieg

Doing any network marketing or MLM? Then this new 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing review is especially for you. Read on and then make up your mind whether you should invest a minute or two looking at Ann Sieg's groundbreaking free report for yourself.

This hard-hitting report sure has caused some strong reactions throughout the MLM scene. Some people are angry, others are praising it to the skies. Her strongest fans are network marketers who are dissatisfied with their earnings in their network marketing or MLM business.

If you are close to the edge in your network marketing or MLM business, it is not just you! Take a look at these scary figures

- Around 90 percent of people joining an MLM company leave in less than 3 months. Why? For most of them, it is too difficult and costs too much in time and money.

- Over 95% - that's 19 in 20 - will drop out in the first 12 months.

- Even more frightening, up to 8 in 10 do not even experience the excitement of sponsoring their first downline member. The others most often only bring in one or two people, who then leave within a few months.

If you are a distributor for a MLM or network marketing business and you are worried by these figures then you are right to feel that way! Ann has set out in writing what a lot of experienced MLMers have been afraid to say. She lays bare all of the tales that many if not all of us have believed (and are repeating to our downlines) about building a prosperous MLM or network marketing business.

When I first saw the name of this report '7 Lies Of Network Marketing' I will tell you that I figured it would just be more MLM bashing. But having read the report, I found that my guess was quite wrong. After setting out the 'lies' that you should not listen to, Ann explains how you can still be successful in MLM - while blanking out the myths that you have probably been taught.

Network marketing or MLM can be a wonderful process for achieving success and financial freedom yet as I said above, the vast majority fail before they have hardly started. Why? Because we are still being instructed in marketing methods that are long out of date.

'Your business will be built for you ... everybody wants your product ... there is no selling ... anyone can do this ...' Have you heard these statements before? Ann's free report reveals them as nothing more than myths.

But there are a lot of successful MLMers out there - and armed with up to date techniques, you could be among them. Begin with the help of Ann's free report The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing here.

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