Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cleaning the Workplace

You bought a new leather chair for the office and the unthinkable happens, employees drop ink on them. Leather seats are rather costly to buy so if you or an employee were to stain them it would be a shame. Here we will have a look at some simple ways to remove stains, as well as some more unique ways in which you can use to get rid of the more stubborn stains.

A lot of people should know the first few techniques, but do not use them to there full ability. Firstly there is the use of alcohol, no not to drink but to use as a sort of white spirit on your leathers. Its very great at removing stains and very safe. Another great use are baby wipes, although you may think that baby wipes are mild and soft because they are used on kids all the time, but the actual cleaning agents inside them work great at dissolving stains and are also sensitive to the body. Another great solution, is to let anti bacterial gel set into the seat and absorb the dirt.

If none of the above techniques have worked, I would recommend trying these more advanced tips, but always remember to test it on an area of your leather chair so you are certain it won't affect the colour or the fabric. You could try using hairspray, but be careful as some of the chemicals may end up affecting your fabrics. If you are worried about using the hairspray on your fabrics then there is another more lenient choice. A very strong substance that is very effective is the use of nail polish remover. You will only need to dab a little onto the stain and rub it in and you should gradually see it disappear.

You should not place too many chemicals on the fabrics as you could end up ruining the material. If your stains are still there after trying everything I would recommend purchasing a new chair and avoiding the same mistake.

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