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Sort Out Your Financial Life With Peak Potentials Training

Peak Potential Training

People have been talking a lot about T Harv Eker’s Peak Potentials Training programs lately, and it got me to thinking… is there really something to all of this? There are a lot of these kinds of programs out there. So, how do I know that Peak Potentials isn’t just operating another one of those “money-making” scams on everyone?

A friend told me that Peak Potentials had a website that told all about the camps and seminars that were available. So, I decided to check it out. Some of their programs drummed up images of a bunch of G.I. Joes and Janes preparing for military warfare - courses like the Guerilla Business School, and Enlightened Warrior Training Camp; there were others, however, like the Millionaire Mind Intensive and Extreme Wealth that intrigued me also.

While tooling around online, I came across a video of T Harv Eker making a presentation at an Enlightened Warrior Training Camp… and, by the end of that video, I could completely understand why people were so darn enthusiastic about his courses.  He was telling people how their fears can actually stop them from taking the actions necessary to be successful… he was talking about me! I was totally psyched!

T Harv Eker didn’t start off wealthy.  The son of European immigrant parents, his journey to get to where’s he’s at now (read: multi-millionaire!) financially made him realize some important differences between “wealthy” people and the rest of us.  Intrigued, I decided to try it out for myself.

I had some time on my hands (heck, I wasn’t out making million-dollar deals, was I?) – so I snagged a copy of T Harv Eker’s Book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.  Well, I also got 2 free tickets to the Millionaire Mind Intensive in the deal – and I’m a sucker for anything free, so off I went.

Everything that I had heard and seen about the programs, didn’t prepare me for what I was about to learn! I had always imagined that I was rather knowledgeable about finances, and felt pretty secure about my future… and, what I learned by reading his book helped, of course. However, attending the seminar changed the
way I thought about my money and finances forever!

T Harv Eker believes people have a financial “blueprint”, a thermostat of sorts, and that most people’s thermostats are set too low to be able to attain personal and financial success. Now, I admit that the exercises that the Peak Potentials instructors have you do throughout the seminar, do seem a little hokey, but its one of the ways they use to drive the principles they teach home… as well as to change your attitude about success. There’s no question about it… my attitude has definitely been changed for the better.

T Harv Eker’s philosophical approach to success is simple. He supplies you with the proper tools that you need to succeed… and all you have to do is to adjust your way of thinking - tearing down the walls that prevent you from achieving personal and financial success.  Here are some of the secrets I learned at the seminar:

* I learned the underlying reasons why we have financial problems;
* I learned about the strategies used to create and maintain wealth;
* The wealthy have 5 habits they use to remain successful… I learned them;
* I learned how to get rich quicker even faster… 4 times faster!
* My favorite… was the 12 things I learned about making passive income - even while I was relaxing on the beach.

What struck me most about the Peak Potentials programs is that they’re not just designed to help the already wealthy stay wealthy. The programs seemed to be developed to help everyone succeed - regardless of his or her lot in life. They all are geared towards helping people unlock their potential to succeed, a potential that most of us don’t even know we possess.

I got a chance to speak with the instructors, during one of the breaks, about some of Peak Potentials other programs. Now, I had the good fortune of attending the Millionaire Mind Intensive for the price of a good book, and expected that the costs of attending the other seminars and camps was going to be a bit more expensive - 5-day camps and seminars cost about $6,000, and 3-day events run about $3,000… Yowza!  I learned from the instructors, however, that it is possible to get special rates and discounts - so, I’m thinking that I might just consider this to be an investment in my life.

What I really liked about Peak Potentials programs is that you can start putting what you learned into action from the word go; just follow your personal plan and you’ll start seeing results.  Personally and financially, I just can’t compare my ‘before’ and ‘after’ seminar picture!

In order to keep the students who attended the Millionaire Mind Intensive on the right track, they gave us the 90-Day Wealth Conditioning Program book/guide. A short time, after we left the seminar, I wanted to follow up with some of the people I had talked with while I was there just to see how they were doing.  Here’s what I found out… only a couple of the students had used the program’s strategies and were seeing positive things happening in their lives and with their finances - the other people went home, put aside what they had been taught, and went back to their daily lives; needless to say, they didn’t experience any of the benefits of the seminar.

If you’re wondering if the Peak Potentials programs can help you, I would say as long as you have the drive to enjoy wealth in your personal life, and the desire to give
your family a better way of life, and you’re able to commit a small amount of time to apply what you’ve learned… then, you can benefit from these programs. These highly ranked programs are exceptional, and they don’t leave a thing out

Would I suggest that you attend a Peak Potential Training program? You betcha! If the other programs are anything like the one I went to - the Millionaire Mind Intensive - I would say JUMP ON IT! As a matter of fact, I’m planning to attend the Enlightened Warrior Seminar in a couple of months… and I can’t wait!


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