Thursday, January 1, 2009

Web Teleconferencing with GoToMeeting

Traveling can be a very expensive proposition, particularly if you often find yourself having to jet off across the country to meet with somebody. If you could eliminate a good portion of your travel, think about how much money you would be saving.

If you are a big traveler for business, you should try holding an Internet meeting and find out how much time and money can be saved. When you use a web conferencing, or web meeting, you conduct meetings over an online interface. You can have up to fifteen people in attendance at a time, and you can make a presentation with everybody in attendance.

One of the leading online meeting solutions is GoToMeeting. With web conferencing collaboration, you can conduct a meeting of whatever length you need, as frequently as you want, for a cost as low as just $39 per month. Featuring industry leading security, GoToMeeting allows you to meet via the Internet with the confidence to know that your meeting is completely private.

With GoToMeeting, you can share any computer program and change presenters at anytime during the meeting. As you talk via a phone interface, you use the online annotation tools to collaborate on a project, or you discuss a PowerPoint presentation.

Another choice when it comes to an Internet meeting solution is WebEx meeting. WebEx offers much of the same features as GoToMeeting, but also offers video conferencing capability, and lets you use their own, incredibly secure private data and voice network.

You should very much examine the use of an Internet meeting solution to save on travel expenses. Since you can do just about anything with an online meeting service that you can accomplish with an in-person meeting, there is really no reason to not give Internet meetings a try. Give one of the solutions a try with their free 30-day trial and see how holding an Internet meeting can save you time and money.

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